The power of a well chosen focus🎁

Isn’t it weird, most of my life I’ve tried to resolve ‘stuff’ that isn’t working for me, intending to improve my weaknesses.

What’s weird about this strategy is the focus we give to things that don’t work, makes them grow into our lives..

The more we try to diminish them, the more they magnify!!

Isn’t it simpler to look in places where we know for sure there is good!

Our strengths!!! Focusing on them brings more of them n life just gets better without much effort..

What say???

Of competition and perfection !!!!

As children though no one may have intentionally done so, we have come across comparisons..

People say it as an observation but the feeling of competition gets created.. No one ever tells us how perfect each one of us is ..

And why will anyone tell us? No one ever told them.. Each person has only been taught and told about their shortcomings and weaknesses..

No one ever told them how complete and perfect they were!!
We never felt it as children and so we will never be able to tell it to our children..

The chain needs to break somewhere na?? I have learned about so many personality types that I can appreciate the qualities that each personality type brings with them.

But one can easily mess this up by comparing the personality types!! What vibrance an extrovert brings along , it can never be compared to the stillness and reflecting ability of an introvert!! Then why compare the two??

Each one of is perfect in our own way and we have to kinda keep saying this to ourselves so that we can save the trouble for our future generation..

I remember one f my friends saying the only competition that works is self competition!! Being better than what we were before 🙂

I guess even if we don’t – the universe is perfect and when the time comes things will change , one person at a time 🙂



PS: This blog-post is my way of confirming/ reinforcing my beliefs !! Judging me / Assessing me based on these posts can be done at one’s own risk :)

Watch your space!

What kind of space are we operating from? Have you thought for yourself?

Is it a space of inadequacy? A space where all attempts kind of fall short? Or is it a space of self defence? A space where every thought and action of ours is intended towards defending oneself?

Is it a space of competition? Where one is always trying to be better than the ones around? Or a space of indifference? Where one does not care about what is happening in the other’s life?

A space of selfishness- where our needs are of utmost priority? Or a space of serving others?

I’m not asking you to judge that space and sort it as right / wrong or whatever. Simply observe…

Observe your intention.. Without controlling or changing it. Simply observe it. Look it in the eye

choose your space

Is it a space you would choose to operate from? Or is it a choice you have made unknowingly and unintentionally?

Once you observe the space, once you see the background thoughts that you are always carrying with you – you can choose to keep them or thank them and let them go!!

A space of love is one where in we feel like smiling at people even if they don’t want to return the smile!! We choose our sphere , a one filled with love where we pour ourselves with love, look at ourselves as whole and perfectly imperfect individuals.. When we choose to pour love on ourselves we can’t help pouring some on others – that’s a wonderful side effect of operating from a space of love!!

So what kind of space would you choose?