‘I can’t believe I did that!!!!’ – a chocolate statement

Yesterday, I was super thrilled with the way the weekend was spent, and that feeling kinda spilt into the week..I like to associate such happening weekends / days to chocolate..

Yummy, and they leave you feeling high.. N the taste of chocolate lingering in your mouth. Ooh, I just super love chocolate..

As I was flowing through the beauty of the days spent, I suddenly looked through my kid’s planner ( can you believe it his play school runs on schedule 😂). Wednesday 29th,was supposed to be the day for golden colored clothes..😳

Damn!! Assume hypothetically that I did have a golden colored tee or something for my son, the thought of getting him into it was troubling.. N I hate to force my thoughts on my kid. If he doesn’t like to wear it, so be it!!!

So here I was, unprepared. N it’s okay to default on your child’s play school plan 😜😂

N then, I told myself ‘it will be done! How, I don’t know n needn’t figure out. N yet it shall be done’

This thought made me feel better!! Twenty shades better, n so I stuck with it!

Today morning, I still had no idea what he’d be wearing!! N so out of a boring stance, I pulled out all his clothes out, as if I’d miraculously find something golden…

N I did!!!! I found an ethnic Kurta, that was gifted to him maybe more than a year back, n it had loads of golden embroidery on it!!!

Wow!!!! But he wasn’t willing to wear it 😊 n so I pushed it in his backpack n sent him to play school anyway!! Told his teacher to try her luck..

N when I went to pick him up, I was shocked!! There he was, looking handsome in a Kurta over jeans (really handsome) n I told myself ‘I can’t believe it I did it!!!’

N I guess I was prepared for it, but not really actively focusing on it..

N after this tiny yet reinforcing experience, I know all of my dreams even the big sturdy ones, are gonna come true..

N I’m gonna look back n wonder ‘damn!! I can’t believe I just did that!!!’

The chocolate statement of my life..

N I still can’t believe I manifested my (twin flame) husband, n my super awesome kid into my life… I manifested a dream identity (Aryaa Akshay) with a dream role (an energy artist) ..I manifested the most rocking weekend of my life ever ( watched four movies, was invited to two eat-outs, almost like I was in college.. Forgot I had a 2.5 year old kid who rocks all the time) 

Wohooooo!!!! I can imagine this chocolate statement when I have my book in my hands ( physically) n when I work with my dream clients n they appreciate me for the energy I bring to the table.. N when the world recognizes me for ‘authentic living n being myself one hundred percent’ 

N when I’m globe trotting with my super awesome family mixing work n pleasure..

‘ I can’t believe I did that!!!!’

Whoa the chocolate statement of my chocolatey life..

Yummy life🎁❤️

The NO-objection agreement!

Yeah! We all signed this agreement, when we chose planet earth as our school.

Which means, everything that is happening to us, is chosen by our soul, with a *mark, that means, we are eligible to change the happenings any time.

Statements like, life isn’t treating her well, or that he is going through a rough phase, or that poor family, they’re punch bags, God isn’t merciful, blah blah blah are all rubbish!

We are the creators of our life! This statement is true to the extent that even a tiny ant bite cannot happen to us without our will. Even the materials like a big house or car or diamond jewelry or loads of money can’t make an entry or exit from our life without our permission..

Which means if I don’t desire diamond jewelry to be important to me, it won’t come into my life! Or if diamond jewelry is really important to me, it will be a part of my life, a major part or minor part depending upon how much I choose to have it..

It is this simple!!

In our coach training, we were trained to support ourselves first n then our clients to create self awareness!!! Why???? 

If we are aware, that we choose these thoughts, we will immediately see the cause n effect of the manifestations in our lives.

What happens is that, we are haphazardly running through our lives as if we are victims of life, with life treating us badly👿

With these thoughts guiding our energy, the manifestation of the same is bound to happen. This repeats itself like a vicious cycle.

Until, one hard hit turns us around to change our thoughts after which there is no looking back.

And then, there are people like us!!! Coaches – whose job is to help people get aware of the energy they are holding. Once they’re aware, they have a choice to keep it or turn it around..

That’s exactly what happens in our sessions. We are able to co-create a reality, based on the thoughts and patterns, the energies we strongly, deeply CHOOSE..

We are able to let go of the patterns n energies that we held unknowingly..

And once we let go, our lives are only n only the manifestation of our magnificence..

How simple is this!!

That’s why we@intuned love our job❤️

A reason we are alive❤️ 

The lack of choice that a powerful choice holds….

“Seems like a pathetic situation!! Totally out of control!! Nothing is working out…

Life ducks (read socks ;))

No choice at all. A feeling of being victimized,as always..at work, at home,while travelling…

What’s going on? 😦 Feels pathetic..”


Are these the thoughts that run through minds on any given day, in any given situation? irrespective of time and situations?

Is life really that horrible? Or is something wrong with the minds?


Do we really have no choice?


Do we choose the rotten way out? Do we choose to stink and send out pathetic vibrations out to this world?


Is this world in this mess cuz of the stink and rotten vibes that each n everyone is busy passing around?


Have we forgotten about ‘What we send out,finally comes back to us?’ Is it why we are the worst hit?


Each one of us chose to be here!! We chose our parents, we chose the place where we were born, we chose the circumstances that have struck us and are going to happen, we chose the people around, we chose each n everything..

It is our choice!!!! A very powerful one!!! A very purposeful one!!!

Just a matter of figuring it out & everything will change thereon..


Shedding my fears & Welcoming beautiful light :)

Few days back, I just dealt with some of the worst fears I had! And you know how I feel?

Feels like, I was living in a beautiful villa, all these days & yet, there was one room which I never really visited. I always kept the doors of this room closed & never bothered to explore that part of the villa. And now suddenly, when I have explored this room, I can see endless light flowing into the villa, making my life such a unique pleasure 🙂 So much of ventilation and light now in my life 🙂

I wanna thank 2 beautiful people who did this for me! First of all I’l thank my coach- Tiffany from Hawaii. Hey Tiffany, if not for you, I would have never given this thought a chance, the thought of eliminating and dealing with my fears & I appreciate the support you’re offering me, to make my life more n more beautiful..

And my client, Lainey from United Kingdom- My heart goes out to you dear. I was the coach in that session, n never realized you just took over, to make my life so beautiful.. Thanks my dear Lainey!! You’re really beautiful 🙂 n I’m so grateful I met you 🙂

All of you won’t believe me if I tell you, I’m no longer scared of being in the dark alone!!!!

This was the biggest n worst fear of my life. I couldn’t think of being alone anywhere.. My house, any house, out in the dark.. Anywhere.. I used to fear being alone after its dark outside. N now?

I don’t! I’m no longer scared of dogs or cats. I’ve not tried petting them, but I used to get hyper when I would see them, even on the road or in case they were near me, I would feel petrified..Now I’m comfortable being in the same space as a dog or a cat or even a lizard or may be even a mouse. I’ve dealt with my fear 🙂 n m so glad I did

Now, my next goal is to deal with the fear of driving a car/ riding a bike. I really get anxious n scared thinking of the various possibilities that happen when people ride/ drive. But I’m gonna take it head on now..

& I’m keeping track of all my thoughts that I feed power into, that take control over me & make me feel like a pawn..

Hey, all you random thoughts- I know you just come n go! My individuality has nothing to do with you & I choose to kill you by not feeding you with any of my energy.

I just succeeded by replacing anger with love!! I’m doing the same with fear..

So happy to throw you out of my life ‘Fear’!! Come get me if you want! I’d rather face my life than fear it!!