What does ‘Progress’ mean to you?

For me, being open to listening to an unheard song after avoiding it for like countless times – is Progress!!

For me, jumping out of my comfort zone to try something new in the kitchen – is Progress!! (A rare occurrence)

For me, looking at myself in new light, choosing to see myself differently – is Progress!!

Giving myself permission to like/ love something that others don’t – is Progress!!

Also disallowing myself to form opinions about those who think differently than me- is Progress!!

Knowing the challenges of this tough journey n being unable to keep up pace, and yet, being aware of ‘BEING UNABLE TO KEEP UP PACE’ – is Progress!!

Knowing that ‘knowing something’ & ‘experiencing something’ are completely different n choosing to eagerly await the experience – is Progress!!

Getting rid of all fears and all the worries that are simply ‘thought -induced’ – Progress!!

Acceptance of everything around me, and being able to dis-associate myself from my ‘so called self’ – Progress!!

Being ‘at peace’ with the thought that nothing here belongs to me – Progress!!

For me, Freedom = Progress!!

No longer attempting to differentiate between my ‘self’ & my ‘thoughts’, rather peacefully existing in that separation – Truly Progress

What does Progress- mean to you? Wanna share your thoughts?