A combo of Energy Work in a Painting❤️🎁

Just finished creating this piece, which is a gift for my new found friend, Dadu!

I met Dadu, while appearing for the exam that qualified both of us, to be Insurance Agents🎁

He was sitting next to me, and it was about five mins left for the exam to start, when he started chatting with me. In less than two mins, common threads showed up, and he happened to write my contact number down.

It was so sweet of him, to message me after the exam. I was too hungry to wait for the entire hour, n so I finished the exam in 25 mins n moved out. He messaged me later and there, began a journey of energy exchanges.

We both believe we are gifts sent to each other! I find him to be a gift from my Ajjus (grand dads) who have passed on. He believes, I could be sent to him by his beloved wife who has passed on.

He sent me a cake few days back n flowers to celebrate our friendship❤️🎁

And tomorrow he is sending me a gift❤️🎁

And this piece of energy work is my way of saying thank you❤️😍

The Angels, guides and spirits of beloved ones who have passed on protect us! They’re depicted in the border of the painting!

The indigo layer represents the third eye, that helps us see the gifts around us and offer gratitude for the same.

The blue and indigo criss cross grid, is a filter that only allows good vibes to pass in, and rejects low vibrations and negative energy.

The checks in brown are a sum of all that we have n stuff that we don’t, to put together a wholesome n gratitude centered space, where everything that’s with us, or probably not, is for a reason❤️🎁

And in the center is my Dadu’s space!!

Home, office, his heart which has space for celebrations galore, peaceful vibes with family and the tribe (community)

Prosperity is depicted by the number of increasing dots in the Rangoli designs.

The green leaves are blessings of nature and abundance❤️🎁

This painting is an energy work in its own! 

Created with pure intention, and clear purpose❤️🎁

I’m sure Dadu will love it❤️🎁

The adjustment bureau!

What a movie! Fantasised to a certain limit, if I may say so yet based on what I believe to exist, angels! They’re around you all the time, not forced to do so as depicted in the movie but I guess by choice. The movie showcases them as villains but I think they’re my heroes 🙂 They’re giving me beautiful signals all the time, ive just got to listen! 

I’ve realised, that at times when I can’t find something I think I need the most, it’s my angels reminding me that perhaps I don’t need it! I’ve realised, when I wake up late and miss the bus, it’s for a good reason. When I’m really not hungry, yet the guy selling sandwiches, drops by,way too frequently, may be my tummy needs a snack. 

There are times when I see exotic birds, like the cute woodpecker or the tailor bird, outside my very own bed room window. These are times I know my angels are asking me to offer gratitude. They’re telling me that life is beautiful, that I’m special 🙂 There are times when I meet like minded people across the globe and I know my angels are around.

Our angels know the past, present and our future. They know exactly what’s the best option for us right now 🙂 we just need to tune into them, ask them to protect us all the time, thank them for their divine presence, and choose to listen to what they’re saying.

They’re quite subtly sending us signals. We just need to make sure we’re catching them 🙂