Authenticity : a super power

Why does it have to be ‘feminism’??

Why can’t it be ‘being -ism’ that favours the will of every human being??

N why does it only have to be about ‘ambitious’ women fighting for equal pay??

Why not live in a world where every being gets to be themselves. Breaking labels like ‘woman’ & ‘ambitious’..

Gender can be a label, if it weighs itself down by life choices that come heavily attached to it..

How about break all the labels?!

How about just exist plainly for a moment.. just BE & then choose who and what you are!!

Redefining gender or orientation or relationship status or color or ethnicity or roles or life choices!!!!

How about we simply be ‘authentic’??

Authenticity is a super power!!

It is not about being unique in order to be rare, and bring something novel out into the world (though that may be the end result none the less)

Find what is ‘Essential’ to you!!

The word essential has some linkage to the word essence..

What is the ‘essence’ of your being??

What drives you to exist??

What is it which gives meaning to your life??

What brings you Joy??

What makes every moment of your life worthwhile??

And can you look at yourself, and appreciate how this ‘drive’ to express life in your ‘own’ way can be positive??

It is about consciously breaking ‘labels’ that have been passed around like heritage valuables.. & being able to see through them. Being able to decide if they really serve you.

Keep the ones that serve you and dispose off the rest. Even the labels that are sought after by the whole world, can be junk to you if they don’t find meaning and purpose, striking a chord with your soul..

Let the choices made by your soul be your work alone.

Even if you are the only person in this entire world, who feels a certain way, encourage the choice and the feeling, if it makes you feel joyful and happy.

Let no one be burdened by the responsibility of seconding your choice.

You can second and third your opinion every single time , leveraging it to be the crux of your own life experience.

Authenticity is a super power!!! & whoever can wield it, would claim their throne & reign in their life



Not Blunders, but Lessons Learned :)

Why should we blame ourselves or anyone for something that din’t work out or for something that went wrong!!

So WHAT? So what if we messed things up a bit or even goofed up big time!! We have one life that we get to live, don’t we? Or is it like our morning sandwich. Sheeesh!! I hated it this morning, let me try another one tomorrow!

Whether we like it or not, it’s the one life we have! The more we love it, the better it gets!

Sometimes, the part of our life that’s bothering us, keeps us from enjoying the rest of the part, that we are in love with!! And I guess, its more about perfection. Everyone craves to have a life that’s perfect, or at least struggles to make it so.

Lol, being human is the most imperfect thing & mistakes are its part and parcel. And its easiest to accept it that way.

Mistakes or even blunders, are the easiest and fastest way to learn, if seen from one side. From the other side, they are those heavy loads, very unpleasant n painful, that we wanna off load onto some other human being asap 🙂 If we don’t find the other being, we start carrying them around, making our life as heavy and unpleasant.

So, here’s an awesome song – Lessons Learned by Carrie Underwood, that just says all that I wanna say, so very easily 🙂

Am sure you all will enjoy it!!