The ocean : my fav

The ocean is one of my fav places. The sound of the waves just ropes me in!!

It has the potential to center me, leaving me feeling grounded n yet there is a lightness and high of a flight..

The ebb and flow of the ocean syncs with my ebb and flow..

It’s weird to believe that the calming ocean that eases everyone experiencing it, also has the potential to get turbulent and destroy everyone manoeuvring it..

It’s just like me!! N maybe like you n everyone else..

When we’re grounded and centered, we have the potential to create endless joy for everyone experiencing us..

N when we’re disconnected from ourselves, stress suddenly becomes our turbulent companion, annoying our loved ones or sometimes even destroying our n their peace..

The ocean is my fav place..

Any time of the day or night, simply tuning into the sounds of the waves gets me into my own rhythm..

Thanks to technology, I have an app that has a looped video of the ebb n flow of the waves, with the sounds..

N it instantly transports me into the calm of my soul..

The ocean is my fav place in this world!!

Confessions of a Rhythm-oholic!!

I love you – RHYTHM!!

The word ‘Rhythm- oholic’ may not exist in the English we all know… But I have no other word that describes my emotions towards RHYTHM!!

I love to find rhythm around me! Its like I have a song in my head n I’m swaying to the rhythm of that illusional song.

Since last 2 months, I’ve been travelling every week to Pune (its almost a 4 hour journey one way) & thanks to this travel, I’ve explored the opportunity of listening to more n more music. N I’ve realized RHYTHM, drives me crazy..

I’ve always loved exploring dance as a medium of expressing myself, not to the world but to myself. But never really observed that its not the music or my ability to shake a leg, but its the rhythm that strikes a chord with me 🙂

N how does RHYTHM, make me feel?

~ It makes me feel as if, everything is in my control

~ It makes me feel SUPER empowered

~ It makes me feel joyful (I experience BLISS – believe me)

~ It makes me sway n move to its beat n I am transported into an altogether different world

~ It makes me observe & appreciate the beauty

I’ve realized lately that I listen attentively to the background scores of songs to trace the rhythm -be it beats of the drums or tabla or the guitar strums or whatever that generates rhythm 🙂

OMG! I feel elevated simply writing about this! Its like an AHA moment for me!

What is it that makes you feel empowered? Ever observed what makes you love yourself ? What makes you feel blissful?

Sharing this song that super magnifies rhythm- listen closely! Purposely not sharing the video cuz the rhythm seems to have been wasted totally & the visuals kinda distract ….