A play of chaos and calm..

A dominoes doodle grounding a dominoes, that’s grounding another dominoes doodle (5 in one doodle)

The chaos brings the calm before the next chaos, bringing the calm before the next chaos..

The play of calm and chaos, 
Is what makes it interesting..
Else life would be like a roller coaster 
That only travels up..

The play of calm and chaos,
Is what makes it fun
Else life would be mundane
Repetitive and done..

The play of calm and chaos
Is what makes us choose
Is it the calm we like or the chaos
In anyway they’re meant to be fused..

Cuz the contrast is what makes it interesting
There is no power to either
Standing alone

The roller coaster is fun, 
Only because we rise up n fall down
That’s the thrill of the contrasting zone..

Roller coaster

The ups and downs of a super emotional person are invisible to the logical eye!

Can be felt only by the sensitive..

There’s no reasoning behind why the feelings, how they feel.

Deep, cranky, ruffled, lonely, senseless, lost, low, ……

Seems like a list of words.

To the person feeling them, seems like being in a new country without a map..

Yet, to be able to hold onto the last straw n keep going, knowing, just like the downs there will be ups 

That is the game changer❤️🎁

To the savior game changers..