Staying Midway

When torn in between two extremes, what can one do?

Stay midway!!

Crimson depicts the colour of the root chakra, signifying our survival and life on earth.

Mauve (actually it’s Violet) stands here for our connection with the divine , which is our very purpose behind being here.

What does one do when one is torn between the reason for existence n the existence itself??

Hang in there?? 

This art piece signifies the dilemma n the victory of staying midway!!

The left side is the crimson, signifying the role on earth.. it is denser, as it’s the foundation for our survival..

As we move towards the right, the tree n leaves move into a creeper,lighter n lighter..the purple signifying our non physical aspect.. 

and we choose to exist midway, (I choose to, for now, till I find some solution) which is where the flowers grow..

The significance of the bright green colour is it is the color of the heart chakra. Our heart chakra is located exactly midway between the root chakra (red) n the crown chakra (Violet)

It’s so evident, of my choice!! My choice of being midway shows in my open heart.

It also happens to be dominating my personality energetically! Green happens to be my fav colour (a reason why my studio wall is painted green, can be seen behind the painting) 

This painting will mostly adore the walls of a restaurant! N even though it’s a business that sells n serves food, at its heart is a divine purpose, of serving the hungry ..

I find this piece perfect for the restaurant!! Hoping the owner finds it apt too 🙂

Musings of a student before her exam, LOL❤️

How nice it is to get rid of exams!

Have an exam tomorrow, which I’m not so pressurized about, yet escaping it royally!

Managed to read thru four chapters n feeling the saturation point, way above its limit lol

Feel the strong urge to finish a long pending doodle! Why this one?

Cuz twenty mins of doodling this one puts me in the right mode for a nap 😍

Seriously, no jokes!

This is the root chakra, or the Mooladhara❤️

As i doodle every tiny rootlet, I feel the coziness n warmth of Mother Earth. That’s the reason, this doodle has taken this long. Taken three days to reach its current state..

I digress on purpose😜

So the point is I feel prepared to give this exam (enough of reading)

And welcome the beauty of life lying on the table..