A beautiful goose bumpy song❤️

This song, always reminds me of all the mistakes I’ve made in life, yet leaves me feeling so empowered and positive❤️
It reminds me of my lows, of missing my Ammamma (my hubby’s maternal grand mom) n wishing she were here for just one more minute, for me to tell her, how much she made a difference to my life..

I wish I could tell her how much her hugs meant😓

Times when I would feel low, n ask her for a hug, she would gladly oblige! When I’d say ‘thank you’ ,she’d say come on, it’s not such a big deal…

It is such a big deal today! I know u hear me n send me loads of love..

I can sense your blessings following me everywhere, ure that good luck charm of mine, living inside me yet invisible..

I miss you ‘physically’ n wish I’d taken your words more seriously..

I know you’re in a super happy place, where you know how powerful you are❤️

You’re not the sad Ammamma I once knew, who had a heart overflowing with love..

You’re now the super being, who is the heart full of love!

I’m so happy I met you…

You leave me feeling more empowered than sad! Thank you Ammamma for being an inspiration in ways I can’t explain..


Sensitive to energies??

Don’t know exactly since when, but I’ve become way too sensitive of people’s energies. One of the main reasons, I quit using the famous local trains of Mumbai, was their energies rubbed off on me big time, leaving me frustrated and fatigued. 


Does that happen with you? I find myself totally at ease when in nature, feeling all the love n bounty that Mother Nature shares with me. My heart chakra dominates the rest of my chakras n my love for green just makes me crazy.

I find myself reading people and their energies all the time, as if I’m been given an entry into their soul. It’s too overwhelming cuz I don’t know what to do with that. When I enter my class, the indifference of my students gets into me. Sometimes it’s their indifference, sometimes it’s their inertia. I can’t handle it. It’s all over them, and it’s starting to rub off on me.

Today, I don’t know why, I was feeling horrible. No reasons. Feeling sad, angry, and in despair. That’s not me. I know my feelings n I know why I feel them. Today it was something different. I’m not insane or depressed. I’ve been both before so I know today wasn’t that day lol. 

Tough to describe. It’s like you’re grieving on behalf of someone else, someone you don’t know. You don’t know why you’re feeling sad, as if someone is experiencing it through you. Strange feeling. After a lot of time (well spent) with my son and a nap cuddled next to him, I felt okay.

Still kinda feeling out of sync. Have you experienced this kind of stuff? If you feel free, please share with me your experiences.

Life’s changing certainly, n I am sure for the best ❤

A feeling of blankness!!

This is the worst day in the blogging history of my life. I’ve never had to put so many efforts to write stuff!! It always flows off my heart or soul. Today, I sent a few posts to trash, edited them before they found their way there, tried writing what I really wanted to express- Yet no success!!

Feeling so blank! If you guys allow me to let go off my creativity for a while & just express stuff blandly, I guess it will help..

1. Yesterday was a very satisfying day of my life. 5th September – Teacher’s Day (celebrated in India) & it was the first time, I was celebrating this, not as a student!!

A very enjoyable HIGH of my life!! Felt really happy that I’m living the life of my choice, a life of being a Passion Coach, supporting champions to simply take charge, a life where I get to visit my parents weekly, interact with students & a life where I get to be a student too 🙂

Thank you lord, for this beautiful life, for putting me into such a beautiful family that I almost forgot my parents.Thank you for a beautiful n loving spouse, thank you for a job that I love from the innermost core of my soul. Thank you for this awesome life 🙂

2. Yesterday was a terrible night too. As soon as I arrived home, got to hear that a lady in our building had ended her life. Not that this lady was my friend, or that I knew her well or that I had chatted with her many times. It was just that I had bumped into her in our lift many times, and her innocent smile really touched me each time I would bump into her.

Why did she take this drastic step? Whatever be the reason, there could have been some solution!! She picked up her son from her school bus and then I guess that was the last her boy remembered of her?

She was so thoughtful enough to pick him up from his bus stop after school yesterday, then what suddenly made her stop thinking- What is he gonna do for the rest of the thousands of days in his life? How will he feel when he sees the dead body of his beloved mother ? How traumatic his life will be? Will he ever be able to bring life to normal?

Wish she would have thought of all of this!!

Signing off folks for now!! Hope I feel better soon…..


PS- Sad that I have to categorize this post in ‘Celebrating life’ & I wish I could add a button here that said ‘Super Hate’ instead of ‘Like’..

How expectations suck out all the joy, you have!!

Expectations – Beautiful yet unclear, distant and short lived!!

Nah!! Expectations don’t do that!! They pull you up to give your best and a lot can be realized when one expects… and..

Please shut all that crap!! Expectations are of use only and only when they are organised around Action!! In absence of Action, expectations simply leave you devoid of all joy..

‘I expected to get a diamond ring on my wedding anniversary’ or ‘I expected my boss would ask me to take the day off’ or ‘I expected you will at least give me a better rating if not a good hike’

Oh come on!! We are never vocal about our expectations else the world would be so much better..

Our mind is a wicked spark plug, creating all these expectations & this is all only self talk. We are too timid to tell our spouse, or boss or anyone else about our expectations. We ourselves have no idea what we want from our lives, and we expect others to read our minds constantly… Result is ‘I expected to get blah blah’

What if we change our focus from expectations to action? What if we asked ourselves, which of our expectations really matter to us? What if we could communicate these expectations to the concerned person & figure out for ourselves if they can be met?

We all have endless joy in our life!! What ever we lack is just a creation of lack in our minds!! May be we don’t really need it, or may be we haven’t tried too hard to make it a part of our life.

For starters, we could just look at all the beautiful things around & be grateful that they made it into our life. Else, the grass is always greener on the other side, no matter what!!

Lets get busy finding the true joy that stays with us rather than getting pulled down by dirty games of our own mind..

Signing off!!