No Knowing = best knowing!!!

Sometimes no amount of ‘knowing’ is enough! 

For a parent of a teenager, knowing where their teenager is: not enough..

For a student, knowing everything that needs to be known, before an exam: inadequate..

For first time travellers of an unknown country, any amount of info known : may not be enough

The best knowing is the one where we deeply connect with that part of us that knows ‘all is well’. Come what may, we are safe. 

And this knowing doesn’t really need any information or details..

The best knowing ever!!!

Dream decoded 

I strongly believe dreams are ways in which our higher self is communicating with us❤️ I’ve been seeing a lot of dreams lately. Not the ones I see with open eyes🤑 I see millions of those. Here, I’m referring to dreams we have when we’re sleeping..

These dreams are meant to signify stuff, that’s relevant to our current journey.

What’s so special about this dream, I had last night? 

It was a pure experience! Very tough to describe in words. Can only be felt.

I was at my granny’s house, in the room, where I’ve had beautiful experiences as a kid. The rooms wasn’t how it looks now (after renovation)! It was exactly like it was when I was a kid. And then in the middle of all that furniture was a beach chair!

You know the one they have on beaches, where people relax when they’re getting a tan!! Physically I can’t imagine how it fitted in that small room, with all the furniture. Yet in my dream,it was perfect!

And I was sitting next to Joy! Again, physically the chair was meant only for one of us. Yet both,me and joy fitted in! COMFORTABLY

And then what I experienced was mindboggling!

An experience of pure trust! And safety n warm fuzziness n being taken care of..

Cannot explain that feeling! It was like, it was a state of zero worry! Nothing to feel.

Pure comfort, like I felt as a kid in my moms arms.

Me and Joy, we were sitting next to each other. No conversation, no asking how n why?

Simply being!! Experiencing the safe feeling of nurture in our hearts…

Whoa! I dint wanna wake up. It was that kinda grounding that this dream brought!

Decoding it seemed pretty simple!

Following my inner joy is what is asked of me, irrespective of if it is in alignment with what I’m doing or pursuing right now!

Or may be it means, come what may, my inner joy will be guiding me safely back home.

To my heart❤️ to my soul❤️