Inspiring or Perfect? What would you choose to be?

I’ve always wanted to be like those authors whose tiny articles In local newspapers are such an impact. These articles have been such an inspiration for me, that I’ve always wanted to do the same.

Write inspirational stuff that has the potential to change people.

The only goof up I made, when I chose to inspire was that I misinterpreted it as perfection!

So I had to be perfect before I could allow myself to inspire others. How silly of me to get the two confused.

Why should anybody be perfect? And what is perfection? It’s a definition that changes person to person,and is mostly unattainable cuz that’s how we define it for ourselves!

So here I am, totally in awe of all my flaws, my imperfections, wholeheartedly choosing to inspire!

Have you got ‘perfection’ jumbled up with other words from your vocabulary?

Time to see the distinction 🙂

When the Genie arrives, All I think of is a Cheese Wrap :)

Do you know your 3 wishes that you wanna share with Genie? Have you thought about your dream life?

We are limiting ourselves by the hour, putting a cap on our own potential, pulling ourselves down all the time. So when ever we are asked to dream big, all we can think of is something trivial. Very few know for sure, that they have potential. Rest have it but fail to believe..

What is it, that you will reach out to achieve- If you are told that you have special powers?

No one believes me here!! WE ALL HAVE SPECIAL POWERS 🙂

We all have special powers- Believing in oneself is a special power, believing in the infinite possibilities is a special power!!

Seeing special powers in others and helping them see it for themselves is a special power!!

What do you believe about yourself? What’s your idea of ‘Dream Big’ ? What are your SPECIAL POWERS?

Dare to Share??????

With infinite gratitude



Confidence @ its best!!

Just take a look @ him and one can see his confidence, radiating right from his core 🙂 His smile, is not a superficial one.. Rather its shining deeply from within him 🙂

Had to share this post with all!!

Stylized with Fast & High Fashion.

PS: Lola, Hats off to the team behind tokyofaces 🙂 Amazing work & I love getting to know more about Japanese people and their street fashion 🙂 Getting to know people from other cultures is a beautiful experience & wanna thank you for getting me here @ tokyofaces 🙂 Way to go gal 🙂



TRUST – I got what it means :)

After an Amazing, Brilliant, Super Cool & Awesome Coaching session with my peer client from Tokyo, I was reflecting back as to what do we really mean by TRUST! I made up an easy yet reasonable string of words whose acronym works to be TRUST!!

I made up this:

Take Responsibility , Un Stay Troubled = TRUST!!

Trust Yourself- n you will see this side effect happening 🙂

What do we do when we trust someone? We take responsibility of allowing them to take responsibility, n we decide to not feel troubled or worried..

This string of words works best when I use it to define SELF TRUST!

So when do we really trust ourselves?

When we take responsibility n hold ourselves completely responsible for the task at hand & choose not to get troubled… Am I making sense here?

My life is awesome today cuz few months back I trusted myself that I can be an amazing Coach even before I get certified as a Professional Coach – Believe Me!! Ive never really felt so confident before..

Seriously,no intention of self praise here!! Just want to make this point that each one of us has tremendous potential ..What stops us is that we wait for others to trust us or we wait for others to see our potential.. We don’t acknowledge our own strengths & that’s why each one of us has so much of untouched potential today…

That’s it.. Signing off with Tami’s post that I absolutely loved!! Hope you enjoy reading it just as much as I did..



Creating Self- Confidence!

Have you ever thought of Self- Confidence! From where does it come?

Does it come from a sense of being satisfied and contented with the skills & capabilities that one has? Or does it come from a sense of calmness that arises from the feeling – Whatever happens, I still love myself, & whatever one may choose to think of me, I am still the same beautiful person…

Now what do you choose to think of yourself?

Come what may, I am a beautiful person who is unique and different from the rest of the others, There is no point in comparing me with anyone else in this world, cuz what I hold with me is unique to me & I value it as a gift from the almighty..


What a jerk I am.. I can’t do anything right the first time and the times following that.. Everything goes wrong with me always & dunno why god does this to me always

What do you choose to think of yourself? Ur choice is very important as these thoughts actually shape up the way we exist & the way we project ourselves to the rest of the world…

What has this got to do with Self -Confidence?

Think about it! We start having confidence in others’ skills only after we have seen them performing well or when we totally trust their skills.

In the same way, we can start creating Self- Confidence, by trusting that we are capable & skilled, by trusting that we can also make it big, if we are determined to take required action.

So what are you waiting for? Just start creating the confident you, by monitoring & changing what you think about the beautiful you !! 🙂


Shraddha (= Faith)


Do we love ourselves? Yeah? Really?

If you do, you can’t stay away from seeing its beautiful side effect on your life- like I did few months ago..

Just few minutes back, I read an article in Sunday -Times Life. A cancer survivor- Anita Moorjani spoke about her near death experience after which she victoriously came out of her Cancer 🙂 She has quoted- “SELF LOVE is the Best Medicine”

And it so much resonated with me!! Couldn’t stop myself to post about this!

Think about it! Don’t we judge ourselves all the time? Don’t we think of how we fared in our exams? How we played during some competitions? How we messed up big time? How we could have done so much better? How we end up as a loser always?

See…It starts with judging our skills & ends up at ‘I am a LOSER’.. Dunno about others, I always thought like this, whenever I thought of me, internally!

I wasn’t used to playing any sport, and one time that I tried playing cricket, one of my school friends passed some comment, that I really took to heart. He did it completely out of fun, but I took it so seriously, that after that day (I was 15 years old then) I stopped attempting any sport & whenever I did (out of no choice) I went in to play with a thought- ‘I am a LOSER’

OMG!! Why did I not kick myself in my back & ask- “What difference does it make if you goof up the first time? You can try and with time you will be better?”

If any loved one had to talk to me through that low, they would’ve said this!! So If I really loved myself, I too would’ve said this!!

We just show to the world externally, that we love ourselves! Reality Check- We So MUCH don’t!!

Bound by choice- My first Instagram creation 🙂

We judge ourselves all the time! Look at us, we feel the need to be accepted by the external world, when internally we can’t accept ourselves ? Such hypocrites live inside of us!!

You see what I mean? To our loved ones,it really doesn’t matter- how we fare..then why should it bother us!

For starters, its perfectly okay if we learn from our mistakes. They’re not blunders but lessons learned..

Instead of looking at stuff that we are not good at, lets focus at stuff we are super good at!! I’m sure there is stuff that each one of us loves to do, and this is generally also the stuff that we are absolutely good at doing. Think about it!!

We don’t need others to congratulate us or to put belief into us!! We can do that job quite well – like I’ve stated in my ABC 🙂

If you really love yourselves, you won’t feel shy to share at least 3 things you ‘super-love’ doing..And after sharing don’t forget to congratulate yourself for that!! Don’t we congratulate others when they share their achievements?

So what fun stuff are you celebrating today? And what stuff do you wanna Just Let go?

The Best Person who can help me out of trouble???

Have you ever thought of asking yourself this question? If you ever have asked it, have you thought about the answer? And if you ever answered it, was the answer anywhere close to – ‘No doubt its ME’.

The ‘Me’ here does not refer to the person writing this post (that’s me) but refers to the person currently reading it (that’s you)

It’s quite natural that when we feel stuck, when we feel we’re in trouble, when we feel we need a solution, we often look for help outside. We look for a miracle to happen, or we wait for some divine soul to appear in our life who will tell us the solution. Sometimes we also try discussing our problems with friends, colleagues or whoever we see around us hoping to get some help. Nothing wrong with it!

Have you ever thought that YOU could be the best person to pull yourself out of trouble? And why is that? Cuz there is no one (other than the almighty) who knows the problem better than YOU, there’s no one who knows what is that stuff around the problem that’s bugging YOU! So when YOU are the best person to know & understand the problem, aren’t YOU also the best person to analyse and figure an awesome way out of it?

Isn’t this the reason why they say – God Helps Those Who Help Themselves!!

Sometimes what works for others may not work for us! We may have a different way of dealing with the problem & when we follow other’s suggestions or advice, it may actually even backfire.

So what to do then? Lets dive deep into ourselves. Lets just start getting aware about stuff that we like, stuff that we don’t like, stuff that we love doing, stuff that we absolutely hate from the bottom of our socks 🙂

Lets start getting present to ourselves. What happens when we are angry? Do we look good? Does it show on our face? Do other people find it weird when I shut myself up when I’m angry? Do they tend to misunderstand me cuz my expression of anger is different from theirs?

Being present to ourselves is just taking a minute off and noticing ourselves. Do we often work our way around being fully engaged in thoughts? Thoughts about what’s wrong with my health? or What did that friend mean when she actually said blah blah blah? or Why am I looking so old? Can people tell my age? Do i look happy? Am I really Happy? Why am I not happy?

OMG!! So many thoughts being processed at one time!! Are we driving or are we thinking? We don’t know if we added salt to the dish, we don’t know if we washed our face, if we did, we don’t know if we used soap or we used face wash. Did I shampoo once or twice? Did I turn off the burner flame?  What are we doing?

Lets get present to ourselves! Lets ask ourselves, what do we love most? What is that in my life, that claims to make it ‘MY LIFE’. What is a ‘MUST HAVE’ in my life? If a ‘MUST HAVE’  finds no time in my life, is it okay?

If you hear a big NO, then its time to dive deep inside! And when we do so, I’m sure one will ask the question – “The Best Person who can help me out of trouble???” & also answer it – It surely is MEEEEEEEE!