Onto something BIG

Always felt like something big was waiting for me on the other side of the breakthrough!
Was eager for the magic wand to do its job. Basically I was desperate for the breakthrough

Realized now,it’s the breakthrough that has been waiting for me to simply notice it!
There’s magic in realizing it’s all here 🙂 

The same old me, only new stuff is that I’m not after altering who I am.
I am embracing myself and yes, I am onto something big!!!! Really BIG🎁

N it’s here:-) yay 🎁

The ‘Happiness’ JOB!

When we say it’s not our job to keep others happy, the reverse of it is equally true! 

It can never be the job of others to see that we are happy! We may have grown up with the flawed premise that it’s our parents’ job, our friends’ job, our spouse’s job to keep us happy..can’t ever be..

Being happy, feeling happy is a choice that one can only choose for oneself. We would love to do stuff that makes someone else happy. The intentions can be set straight, yet whether the person chooses happiness or not, that’s up to him/her..

The only responsibility we own is of our own joy!!

N the entire world will fall short to change my mind, once I have chosen to stay happy!!

It’s a mindful road, one where I have to be super observant of how I’m treating myself. Yet, it’s fun!!

Cheers to celebrating one’s own joy!!

If I got here so can you🎁

From being the most protected ‘baby’ in my family, ……to ‘still kinda being one’…

From being my grandfather’s fav grandchild ( no arguments here, all my cousins..as I was the youngest 😜)…… to making the choice of taking my first job, in another state away from home..

From choosing to go for Engineering instead of architecture …..to choosing none of the two n yet enjoying my career in the best manner possible..

From sampling a long list of careers after quitting my job…to simply being who I was..

From Shraddha Basrur to Shraddha Trasi to being Aryaa Akshay🎁

An artist.. A writer.. A mom.. A wife.. A daughter..A proud Indian.. It doesn’t matter which order I got here…

I am who I am!! And I do a great job at it!!

Whether you like it or not isn’t my job!!

My job is to make sure I like it n I DO🎁

N this is how all the good things in my life multiply … N my voice n work reaches the globe..

As it already does..


Aryaa Akshay

Clearly discorded!

Some time back, I’d seen a preview of a show that had film stars have a heart to heart chat with people (common people) who hated their work/ were critical of their movies..

I remember seeing this one part in which actor Farhan Akhtar received horrible feedback for his work/ movies n in spite of everything the critic (a common man) had to say, he ( the actor) was composed n calm.

I was amazed at the response, n I wondered how come this actor received so much flak with such composure. I guess my answer had to come to me in an amazing way..

I’ve found, there are some people, I feel an urge (a strong urge) to support/ message/ help / offer inspiration n yet they are unable to connect with me. The response of which appears in ways like unanswered messages/ no responses against my urge to support/ avoiding me/ ignoring me..

N the interesting part of the story is, there are also some people who have an urge to connect with me, who I’m unable to connect to. Which means I’m ignoring their messages/ delaying in responding..

Am I being a bad person like the others who are ignoring me???

Certainly not!! Me( when I’m ignoring some people)and others who are phasing me out, are following their connections! If the vibration doesn’t match/ frequency of thinking isn’t alike, it’s obvious that the end result will be a disconnect..

And there is nothing wrong with the either of cases!!

It’s just a discord! So coming back to the question of, how can anyone respond to criticism in a calm manner??

Criticism is nothing but a discord!! A disconnect!!

My work has nothing to do with what others review it to be. My work, if it brings joy to me- I wouldn’t care what the critics had to say about it!! N hence the calmness during a bad review..

Isn’t that freakingly awesome!!!

It’s tough for some to get it!! I wouldn’t have got it a decade back! I get it now, cuz in my eyes, I’m really doing well!!

I’m painting well, I’m dreaming well, I’m living well, I’m parenting well, etc etc

If someone has something else to say about my life, it’s clearly a discord!! A different way of thinking on their behalf..

N that’s perfectly fine!! Everyone has a right to form opinions.

About me?? Go ahead!! Just that I’ve stopped caring, cuz I listen to my own heart!!!!

N that serves me best❤️😍

How do we rate our write? 5 fun tips to chill off writers❤️

The eternal judge inside our heads will never be satisfied with the write❤️ that’s been my experience. So how do we rate our write???

We don’t have to rate our write!! Read on ..

1. Our write just IS!

Every word that we write is deeply connected to us. It’s interwoven with our beliefs, our experiences and whatever we aspire to be. 

There’s no right or wrong way about it! 

It just IS!

2. Not everyone will hate our write (or love it)!

Every person is different and unique. Just as we can’t get along with every person around us, like that not everyone will connect or make sense with what we write.

And that is PERFECTLY OKAY❤️

We got to look for feedback that helps us feel good about our write, at the same time gives us the feel like we’re getting better. 

3. We have a unique message to give to the world

And this message is coming through you and me❤️ there’s a reason, we are feeling the need to express it.

The need for expressing our version of the truth is called forward.

We got to respect that and accept it lovingly❤️

4. Accomplishments and achievements are not the only stuff!

I’m not saying, believing our book/ write will get the acclaim and recognition is wrong.

It surely is the best feeling. Yet, writing is a process that can be enjoyed as is.

The very act of writing is a huge payoff. In which case the recognition, then becomes the bonus. Simply eyeing the bonus, can hinder our attention from the process. Focus on the process and trust,everything will work out for the best❤️

5. Listen to your gut feeling

Our intuition, or instincts are most often right! If the thought of writing isn’t working out, check what will help you write.

Some writers prefer being organized and some just don’t!

It’s easy to read the rules and follow them. Yet, you know yourself best.

If there is a solution you think will work for you, trust it! It will work.

Writing daily cuz that’s a rule, may not work with everyone (never works with me)

Or writing spontaneously may not work for everyone (the SJ types from MBTI).

Choose whatever works for you, and believe it’s the best cuz it is❤️

6. Enjoy the process as you feel the joy of writing!

This is the one reason I write! I’ve stopped caring for how many people like/ appreciate my style/ topics, and I’ve definitely given up on writing on a particular topic.

I do it spontaneously and I know this is the only way I can bring results❤️ I’ve manifested my baby into my life, believing and trusting my intuition, and the way i feel (and not going for IVF simply as a rule of the thumb) 

I know the first book and many more will follow thru just like that❤️ that kinda conviction is necessary!

Next time you wonder how you’re doing, just give yourself a pat on the back❤️

You’re doing magnificently well❤️

If there is anything you didn’t quite like about this one, please feel free to dislike it❤️ at the same time, please know each and every word is written with divine intent, and not meant to hurt anyone with different beliefs❤️

Enjoy the journey❤️

That’s the reason we are here, right?

New is good❤️

Not NEW kinda new! Renewed kinda new!

Different kinda new!

Here’s how I’ve chosen to look new this summer❤️

I do this every few months! Hair is my thing, as in I use my hair ( the hair cut, or color) to look different n new❤️

It creates a new energy in me!!

What’s your idea of renewing your energy?

How would you like to look/ feel new??