Toxic personalities – what to do with them?

The effect that toxic people have on us is too contagious even to be observed ..

Even before you know, the toxic personality has passed on the toxicity and there’s a pretty bright chance that we may carry the chain reaction till some one brave chooses to do something about it!!

Have you met people who have no sense of appreciation about anything happening around them? They keep whining all the time, complaining , blaming??

Some choose to feel better about themselves by putting down the others around.. They may say mean things to you or about you behind your back and that is because they feel inadequate themselves..

These people seriously need way too much love than we think they do!! And I’m not being sarcastic here.

Their need for love gets manifested in the form of their toxicity!! When we are sick , we need to be taken care of, we feel like being loved.. And when someone does that we heal better

A toxic person is in a similar state!! Needs healing and love ..

If the next time we meet or interact with a toxic person, if we can step back and see the real cause of their toxicity – I will offer tons of gratitude to the universe for allowing me to see and share this lesson 🙂