This one’s dedicated to every Mom, every woman, every girl …

She thought she’s just a bunch of adjectives
Some nice, some not so nice

She held them close to her, thought they defined her!!
N as she grew, so did her ‘bunch’ of adjectives..

She never realized when n how, the adjectives got replaced by roles!!
A daughter, a sister, a friend, a wife, a daughter in law, a mother……
Now she thought, she’s just a bunch of roles! 😢

She played each role well! She did her best each time..
Yet,she got confused when the older ‘roles’ (women) compared her to them..
Buck up, you’re falling short! You should at-least be as good as me, if not better!

She got stepped over, walked over by everyone!! 
Everyone who compared her to them, thought she was less..
What did she think????
She agreed!!! She believed she needed to be better..

She gift wrapped her gifts, offered them to everyone around..
Always believing, she was falling short..
Yet,over performing  at every role she thought defined her..

When she got in the groove, her nest got empty!!
N today she wondered WHO was she???

There were no roles to perform, anymore..
None of the elders to tell her she wasn’t good enough..

this lonely innocent being, unable to find her identity
The question mark – too heavy to handle..

And the belief, deep rooted : she wasn’t good enough!! Just not as much..

At a time this late in life, when her roles were her identity, 
What could she do, other than feel empty..

Not done yet!!
this is how she saw herself!!
This isn’t who she was..

What she did all along …has shaped every individual around her
She changed this world bit by bit, more n more beautiful each time!!

she gave a piece of her heart out, each time she shone brgihter
unaware, she kept shining n emptying her heart out..

n every time, she was radiating at her best🎁❤️
N even today, what appears to be an empty, hurt and ugly heart is in reality standing UNBROKEN❤️🎁

PS: every woman should support a woman, support her in finding herself..
Rather than define her by her roles, n judge her by her short comings..
No woman is going to be like you!!! Yes – you reading this..

You are a unique energy, n no one can be better than you!! You are an only one in this world..

Stop pulling others down, cuz they don’t match up to your radiance.. They’re shining their best!!
N stop others who are not letting you shine bright..

This chain has to stop somewhere..

Being born a girl has nothing to do with who we are!! stop dressing us girls into our roles..
we can be who ever we choose to be!!!!
Absolutely who ever..

What’s getting our attention today?

Did you know,every single thought we hold is becoming true in ways we have no idea of?
Let’s try focusing our attention on something like a ‘red flower’ or a ‘blue bus’. Let’s test n see if it will be sent to us. If we are vibrating strongly we may see it the very minute we think of it.

And if not it could take days or weeks. If you see it the very instant, the good news is that you’re vibrating super strongly ❤️🎁 n the bad news is, if you haven’t been aware of your thoughts, every single ‘waste’ thought is manifesting in your life..

“Why am I not getting that job? Why am I messing up? Life is tough!!!!!”

Yeah all of those thoughts are becoming your reality!! As you think them, life is getting tougher..you’re on your way to super messing up, and yes!! You are far away from that job..

Just pause for a second and feel your breath!

You are meant to be happy! That job is meant to be yours! You are meant to have fruitful work assignments and fulfilling relationships. All that money is meant to come to you..

Only if you let it!!!! Yes🎁you got to let it come..and stop blocking it..

I got to share my success story of manifesting my first ever SOLO trip abroad, that too for not a day or two but full on 8 days❤️😍

A retreat that is a gift from my soul. How did I know that it was a gift from my soul?

On seeing someone or something, have you ever felt deeply in your heart that the person or the thing was meant to be yours??

Yeah! When I heard of the retreat, even though it costed thousands of US$, which weren’t available with me at that time, I still felt the urge to attend the retreat in BALI❤️😍

And not coincidently I believe, my sis in law had just returned from her honeymoon from BALI🎁 n bought a box of chocoalmonds..

I used the cover of that box and stuck it on my wall!!

I focused all my attention on being there. I trusted somehow the funds will come!! I somehow managed to make the tiny part payment that reserved my seat for the retreat. 

I also bought gifts for the beautiful people I was meant to meet there. People from across the globe would be there, and I felt like taking some tiny gifts that travelled all the way from India specially for them❤️🎁 this meant for sure, I was going!!!

If I truly desired in attending this retreat what do you think I would focus my attention on?

I focused all my attention on being there rather than on ‘what if the funds didn’t come’..

And guess what! In less than ten days from today I Am GOING❤️🎁

This wasn’t just a money manifestation for me!

I had to let go of every thought like ‘what would people think of me traveling alone? How would I travel alone? What would my two year old kid do? How can I spend so much money on a 8 days trip to Bali ALONE?????’

And I let go of them. All that I thought about was of being there.

Of having the chance to meet my soulmate Lainey, who has been such an important factor in my growth,who has been one of the reasons I am a mother, n one of the reasons I’m feeling happy..

Of my chance to dive deep into my soul, and figure out stuff.

I did it! I’m on a path of manifesting every bit that my soul desires ..

And you can do too.

The important question!!!

What’s getting our attention today???