Are you gift wrapping your gift?

After I’m done bathing my toddler, I often say while dressing him “time to giftwrap you my buddy”.

Each one of us is a gift. We may or may not believe so, but the truth still remains.

We are a gift to our spouses, kids, families, organisations, societies, nations and to the world but most importantly we are our own gift!

It’s time to giftwrap this gift!

Remember! Every time you contribute to someone’s joys, help them feel better, every time you eat well and choose health over other stuff, every time you choose to be outdoors than spend time with your ipad, every time you smile at others and see that smile spreading over, every time you take care of yourself and pamper your body like you’d do for a kid, every time you drink more water ,every time you focus on your breath and inhale way too much oxygen ;-), every time you help someone in trouble, every time you love yourself and accept the gift with joy, every time you offer gratitude for all that you have…….

The list can go on.

You’re gift wrapping this beautiful gift called YOU!

So shall we start gift wrapping?

The Joy window in our busy day!!!

Irrespective of how crappy or beautiful your day is, do find few minutes of time for something that fills you with joy!

What does joy mean to you?

Joy for me is playing with my toddler, bathing him and allowing myself to get wet, joy is when I’m talking to a teddy as if it’s alive just to bring a smile on my lil ones face..

Joy is when I’m listening to music, joy is when I’m drawing, joy is when I’m keeping my house organised, joy is when I’m standing at the window looking out, joy is when I’m selecting and downloading movies to watch with my husband, joy is when I’m with nature, joy is when the leaves make that sound as if they’re saying hi to me, joy is when I’m travelling weekly n meeting new people on the way..
Joys are everywhere around us!! Just waiting for us to be present to them!!

Lets spare a few minutes of our day for these tiny joys!!

We deserve them 🙂

Watch your space!

What kind of space are we operating from? Have you thought for yourself?

Is it a space of inadequacy? A space where all attempts kind of fall short? Or is it a space of self defence? A space where every thought and action of ours is intended towards defending oneself?

Is it a space of competition? Where one is always trying to be better than the ones around? Or a space of indifference? Where one does not care about what is happening in the other’s life?

A space of selfishness- where our needs are of utmost priority? Or a space of serving others?

I’m not asking you to judge that space and sort it as right / wrong or whatever. Simply observe…

Observe your intention.. Without controlling or changing it. Simply observe it. Look it in the eye

choose your space

Is it a space you would choose to operate from? Or is it a choice you have made unknowingly and unintentionally?

Once you observe the space, once you see the background thoughts that you are always carrying with you – you can choose to keep them or thank them and let them go!!

A space of love is one where in we feel like smiling at people even if they don’t want to return the smile!! We choose our sphere , a one filled with love where we pour ourselves with love, look at ourselves as whole and perfectly imperfect individuals.. When we choose to pour love on ourselves we can’t help pouring some on others – that’s a wonderful side effect of operating from a space of love!!

So what kind of space would you choose?