A beautiful goose bumpy song❤️

This song, always reminds me of all the mistakes I’ve made in life, yet leaves me feeling so empowered and positive❤️
It reminds me of my lows, of missing my Ammamma (my hubby’s maternal grand mom) n wishing she were here for just one more minute, for me to tell her, how much she made a difference to my life..

I wish I could tell her how much her hugs meant😓

Times when I would feel low, n ask her for a hug, she would gladly oblige! When I’d say ‘thank you’ ,she’d say come on, it’s not such a big deal…

It is such a big deal today! I know u hear me n send me loads of love..

I can sense your blessings following me everywhere, ure that good luck charm of mine, living inside me yet invisible..

I miss you ‘physically’ n wish I’d taken your words more seriously..

I know you’re in a super happy place, where you know how powerful you are❤️

You’re not the sad Ammamma I once knew, who had a heart overflowing with love..

You’re now the super being, who is the heart full of love!

I’m so happy I met you…

You leave me feeling more empowered than sad! Thank you Ammamma for being an inspiration in ways I can’t explain..