Excitement calling❤️

It’s 5.18 am and I’m literally waiting for my alarm to ring (which will ring only at 6.15 am lol)
Reason : a vacation, we’ve planned since we bought our car in Nov 2014!

Finally, we are driving (in a few hours) to this beautiful place, at an awesome time (read rains), with our toddler who is gonna love the journey just as much as we do.

He loves green grass, and water and flowers and cats and dogs and frogs and…loooong list

He is gonna have a rocking time this trip❤️ n so are we❤️

Life is about the thrill n adventure as my son Ekaansh lives it, every moment of his day!

He is so pure in expressing awe at such simple things like his fav show on tv, or the colorful window hanging, or his games n toys, or green grass for that matter❤️

Expressing gratitude for the most beautiful gift I’ve received (after my parents, sis, cousins, my hubby, my family) 

Here’s to many many happy, rocking, family, nature, leisure, lovely times❤️



My rendition of the ‘sahasrara’

Radiating at the frequency of violet color, the ‘sahasrara’ happens to be the seventh chakra. Also known as the crown chakra, it’s located above our head.

This chakra signifies our connection with the divine (self). 

This chakra happens to be my favorite (also my best as I believe,in my case it’s at its best most of the times). It’s name ‘sahasrara’ means thousand as this chakra is a thousand petaled lotus.

The image above is my rendition of the sahasrara! I imagine it to be a lotus with infinite petals, each petal so imperfect yet bringing so much balance and beauty to the entire lotus.

At its center, I imagined the yin and yang. The summation of all that I am & all that I am not! There is a bit of ‘me’ in ‘what I am not’, and a bit of ‘what I am not’ in ‘me’, as represented by the dots inside..

Each petal, has a growth trajectory of itself, a lot like all the souls embodied on earth. Yet, the lotus is quite unattached to the individual growth story ..at the same time incomplete without each of the petals ..

It’s like the big picture! It focuses only on the whole, in spite of the parts having such a unique story to tell..

That’s my interpretation of the sahasrara..

Comments and inputs are most welcome 🙂


The perfection around is raw and ripe at the same time.

Raw cuz it appears to be lacking something it needs… like your toddlers room! The perfect mess, craved by people waiting to have kids around, yet in your eyes so ‘needing a tidy up’..

Ripe cuz it’s there waiting for you to see it like it is, ready and sweet with the lessons it has in store for you. 
It’s so perfect that we tend to overlook it or ignore it. Sometimes we’d rather see it as flawed than believe it to be perfect!

I don’t know why? Perfection is better when it’s unreachable? Does it make the journey exciting..

We can’t micro- control our lives to the extent of achieving that level of unreachable perfection… 

It’s like choosing to lose. 

We got it all right for us. We are winning. Why are people being killed in our perfect world then? 

I believe every soul chooses the journey and the experiences that it needs to grow before time. So when embodied, the soul has chosen to forget that all experiences are custom made for it, like the ala carte meal one chooses..

What lessons the soul learns are for the soul. I’ve realised suffering brings so much compassion along. Pain brings so much empathy along. 

Why would a soul choose pain and the trauma of losing its near ones? Cuz I guess it opens a huge door in our heart for love..

When we judge others, we are choosing to be narrow minded as opposed to open hearted! We prove to ourselves n the world that this is the only way I see it! I can look at it in hundred ways yet id rather choose to see you as an angry person.. Or anxious or unaccomodating or whining or whatever…

It’s time to see the perfection around!! Can happen only in this beautiful world. That each n every soul makes ones choices culminating in such beautiful perfection…  

How would you describe the perfection around? 

Would you like to see it as perfect?

At the threshold of a flood of love n gifts!!

There comes a time in life, when you feel contented with all that you have. 

That moment for me is now. I feel like this is it. My life feels calm, I feel calm. I’m not moving from this moment to the next, jumping around for something. I feel so grateful that I have all of what I do now. 

We are so used to asking for more, all the time. I would be lying if I said I’m not one of those. I used to be in that list too. 

When it was time to offer gratitude for having the most supportive husband and family, I got busy finding faults with my job. When I found a great job, I got busy missing the part where I get to start my family. Now when I have an awesome baby, I could get busy ignoring him to make more money or get busy in complaining how my life isn’t perfect..

Hehe.. Sadly, it is pretty perfect!! For my monkey mind it’s sad. Cuz it can’t make me feel drama or make me jump here n there. I’m really grateful, that my heart could hold onto this contentment, before letting it slip away. Yeah. I am contented with my life, I’m happy that this is how it all is 🙂 and I’m grateful that this is how it is.

Yeah, I choose more out of life. I wanna choose awesome vacations, vacations where my whole family can go for a change, places that will make me n my son go mad, I wanna choose resources for the world, make this world more peaceful, calmer, I wanna choose forgiveness.

Yeah n a lot more!!! But all that can come only if I feel contented for what I have now. And I do 🙂

I know this year is like a rebirth for me 🙂 I can feel it. I’m on this breakthrough, waiting for that awesome surprise to shake me. I know it deep within my heart. And I know this year is gonna be like harvest time for my soul. 

Reaping and reaping all the fruits 🙂 so am all set to receive loads n loads 🙂

What about you???

The night train to Lisbon?

Just watched this movie again, ‘night train to Lisbon’!! There’s so much depth to some stories, that they speak to you in your very own personal language!

Wonder if all writers feel this way that I do, that the character ‘Amadeu’ felt! Life is a journey to one’s soul…the events, places, happenings simply take you closer, a step each time. 

Being grounded lets one feel their rebellious side…the part which wants to fly high, to unexplored lands. There was a time, I desired to feel grounded, safe, secure.. And there was a time I desired to simply fly high, not let my feet touch the ground! And today, I love both cuz they help me appreciate and understand the other better.

Life is indeed beautiful! The best of both worlds. I’ve always aspired to write a book. A book that I initially thought would be my key to money n abundance. I now realize this book won’t address my trivial needs like money or abundance. This book will take me to the very recesses of my soul. If only I let it be. 

For the very first time, I’m letting my thoughts about writing a book, out. I guess my book needs an identity. It wants to fly high too like I once did. 

There’s nothing we can claim of ourselves, everything is changing so fast. The only claim that we may is on our soul that witnesses everything without wanting to hold on or grab any of it.

Cheers to my book. I hope to see you out soon. Not the least for money, but at last to claim my soul!!



Magic all the way! 

An amazing day, ends in such an amazing way! That’s what I absolutely love about travelling to Pune every week. Magical possibilities unfolding every week. 

Last week I was utterly surprised, when I instantly connected with 2 fellow passengers travelling with me. Both of them belonged to my fraternity (of civil engineers), one of whom was trying to contact my ex- organisation for a job opportunity, and the other happened to be my junior from the college where I completed my Masters!!

Such a small world! Three hours flew past us as we kept chatting about projects, experiences, how we had more than one common contact (amazing na!). That one train journey was enough to connect us in ways where we could beautifully help n support each other in future possibilities! Awesome 🙂

And today, as I walked to my seat in the AC coach, there was one gentleman sitting in my seat. He was working on his laptop and so I didn’t want to disturb him. I quietly sat on his seat. He realised instantly and asked me if I was keen in sitting on the berth allocated to me, and I was quite okay sitting the way we did! That was my magic moment! 

He removed his business card from his bag, and introduced himself to me. My jaws dropped when he said he was the CFO of a reputed organisation (coincidently where my sis in law also works). I started the conversation by appreciating his humility and his rare virtue of being so down to earth! There 🙂 we started chatting about various interesting things, he continued inspiring me for the three and a half hours of my journey and also agreed to interact with my students 🙂 wow!! It was magic 🙂

I’ve always loved the magic in the possibilities of such nature, and I’ve had instances where I’ve connected instantly with beautiful people across the globe. I’ve had such beautiful connections throughout the last few years!  

Just feel so blessed at such magnitude of magic happening around me! Gratitude gratitude n only gratitude! 

Muahhhh ❤