When the Genie arrives, All I think of is a Cheese Wrap :)

Do you know your 3 wishes that you wanna share with Genie? Have you thought about your dream life?

We are limiting ourselves by the hour, putting a cap on our own potential, pulling ourselves down all the time. So when ever we are asked to dream big, all we can think of is something trivial. Very few know for sure, that they have potential. Rest have it but fail to believe..

What is it, that you will reach out to achieve- If you are told that you have special powers?

No one believes me here!! WE ALL HAVE SPECIAL POWERS 🙂

We all have special powers- Believing in oneself is a special power, believing in the infinite possibilities is a special power!!

Seeing special powers in others and helping them see it for themselves is a special power!!

What do you believe about yourself? What’s your idea of ‘Dream Big’ ? What are your SPECIAL POWERS?

Dare to Share??????

With infinite gratitude