Launching Soon! Brand INTUNED❀️

Hello Mighties!

Super excited to share an exciting piece of news!

My second baby,brand Intuned, is soon gonna carve out an identity for itself. Making the grand entry into the physical plane on a special date, 30th May 2016 (a date that’s lucky cuz it’s my lil sis Aditi’s birthday) 😍, Intuned is here with a very pure intention and soul.

The intention to serve our fellow beings on this planet, to support them in creating a life that is fulfilling, a life that radiates joy and one that serves them with the abundance that they imagined for themselves.

The Starbucks space, (as shared in my vision with close friends) holds a special place in my heart!! One on one sessions with clients will be held at any of the Starbucks outlets 😍😍😍 in Mumbai! 

Eventually, I know, the Starbucks @Fort, would be the Global Head Quarters for the Energy Shifting Center for our darling planet, and that my two inspirations, Mr. Howard Schultz of Starbucks & Shri. Modi Jee will be there to grace the occasion with their presence 😍❀️😍

Please bless brand Intuned, the Intuned family and the pure intention with which we are making it here on the earth plane!

Lots of exciting times ahead.