Are you gift wrapping your gift?

After I’m done bathing my toddler, I often say while dressing him “time to giftwrap you my buddy”.

Each one of us is a gift. We may or may not believe so, but the truth still remains.

We are a gift to our spouses, kids, families, organisations, societies, nations and to the world but most importantly we are our own gift!

It’s time to giftwrap this gift!

Remember! Every time you contribute to someone’s joys, help them feel better, every time you eat well and choose health over other stuff, every time you choose to be outdoors than spend time with your ipad, every time you smile at others and see that smile spreading over, every time you take care of yourself and pamper your body like you’d do for a kid, every time you drink more water ,every time you focus on your breath and inhale way too much oxygen ;-), every time you help someone in trouble, every time you love yourself and accept the gift with joy, every time you offer gratitude for all that you have…….

The list can go on.

You’re gift wrapping this beautiful gift called YOU!

So shall we start gift wrapping?

My Solitaire, precious and rare

My Solitaire, precious and rare
You always shone in my life,
Throwing light on my path
Holding my hand tight

My Solitaire, precious and rare
You always were closest to my heart
Spreading cheer, joy and security
Giving me a reason to be better

My Solitaire, precious and rare
U meant a lot to me,
disappointing you was like a sin to me
I’d feel horrible even when you wouldn’t say much

My Solitaire, precious and rare
Your presence in my life was a gift
The most precious gift,
Out of all the gifts you would give us year on year

My Solitaire, precious and rare
I was lucky to be the apple of your eye
Or so you would make me feel
All the attention that I’d get being the youngest one

My Solitaire, precious and rare
I still remember the touch of your soft cheeks
The grip of your fingers
And the blue of your eyes

My Solitaire, precious and rare
I’ve never found my life to be as fruitful
As it was when I was pressing your legs
And rubbing them for you..

My Solitaire , precious and rare
What was so beautiful about you
That you made everyone love you so much
And everyone feels the same for you as I do

My solitaire, precious and rare
You were so down to earth inspite of reaching the top
You helped so many people around you
That the goodwill still remains 🙂

My solitaire, precious and rare
I could never find any reason good enough
to be ever angry with you, so loving was your aura
And trusting were you

My solitaire, precious and rare
Your word was my command
And even the tiny stuff you needed
Was my topmost priority

My Solitaire, precious and rare
It’s taken me so many years to face the loss
And come to terms with it
Your support meant my life

My solitaire, so very precious so very rare
I assumed I’d lost you and never tried to look for you in my heart
Thank you for being 100 years old, you gave us all an excuse
To look for all those beautiful memories that you created with us

My solitaire so precious so rare
I’ve found you again now in the depths of my soul
Where I hear you calling my name with so much love
Thrice: shraddhu shraddhu shraddhu

I was a child to know- you meant my life
And was even more a child to tell you
To let u know that I wanted to be your favourite grand kid
To let you know that I’d do anything to see you happy

My solitaire precious and rare
Il never find any relationship as beautiful as ours
Cuz il never find someone so loving as you
And can never be like you

You are my solitaire
Very precious very rare
And now that I’ve held you tight
In my heart, il not let you go

You are my solitaire
Most precious, extremely rare
Your silver hair was the most beautiful
A proof of the life you had lead,

Spreading joy, supporting people
wherever and however you could
Bonding beautifully with all ur grand kids
Cuz everyone agrees with me when I say

Ur my solitaire precious and rare
You changed my life by just being in it
I know I’m you favourite – ist grand kid
Cuz you made me feel so

Ajju – you are our Solitaire!! Still so precious and still very rare


Help me, help you : cuz I’m here to serve :)

Help me in helping you

Help me in helping you

How can you help me, in supporting n serving you…

~ By trusting me that  ‘I will maintain confidentiality at all times’

~ By trusting me that ‘I am not here to judge you’

~ By sharing with me all the blocks that pull you down

~ By sharing your joys and wins with me, however big or small

~ By sharing your beliefs and working on them

~ By believing in me because ‘I truly believe in you’

~ By respecting our time and commitments

~ By being honest and open

~ By being accountable and responsible for your choices and actions

If you are here, reading this : May be you would want to know ‘How I can help you‘ or ‘What do I gain when I’m Coaching YOU‘ or ‘Why should you always choose Paid Coaching


Coach Shraddha


I’m here in your service :)

How can I help you ?

How can I help you ?

~ By listening to you: openly and clearly

~ By supporting you gain clarity and focus

~ By mirroring and echoing your words back to you

~ By not judging you, but rather simply listening to you

~ By supporting you choose your goals, the ones you truly want to pursue

~ By supporting you track your progress

~ By multiplying your joys for you, by simply being a part of them

~ By celebrating wins with you, however big or small

~ By supporting you, work towards fears and eliminate them

~ By supporting you take action

~ By moving forward with you

~ By supporting you achieve contentment and satisfaction

~ By supporting you take charge of your life rather than simply being a spectator

If you are here, reading this : May be you would want to know ‘How can you help me, in helping you‘ or ‘What do I gain when I’m Coaching YOU‘ or ‘Why should you always choose Paid Coaching




Wanna join the Co-Achiever’s Club?

Join the club, and gift yourself, a Co-Achiever!!

Who is a Co-Achiever? – One who is willing to Co-Achieve.

Achiever is a person who achieves!! Here, we wanna multiply the joy, at a speed faster than light!! So we wanna not just Achieve, but Co-Achieve..

What one has to do to be a Co-Achiever? – Simply support your Co-Achiever to Achieve & your Co-Achiever does the same..

If you’re willing to let the trust take you over, if you’re willing to let go off yourself & allow the awareness to take charge, if you’re willing to meet your co-achiever, knowing no background of his/her ,yet confident that the process will support both of you, to Co-achieve…… Please Join us..

The principles of Co-Achieving!!

~ Agreement to be a Co-Achiever – No formal agreement friends.. The agreement that we do with our souls, with ourselves.. That’s it!!

~ Mutually Active Listening – When Co-achiever’s listen, they drop off their judgements, they listen with a simple intention of ‘LISTENING’ and clarify -what they listen is what the Co-Achiever means..

~ Co- Creating Awareness – Support your Co-Achiever to know themselves better n better!! How, Simply by mirroring their thoughts back to them.. Mirroring can take place only when ‘Pure Listening’ takes place

~  Co- Designing Planning, Goal Setting & Actions – Help your Co-Achiever choose their Goals & Action Plans & they do the same for you…

~ Monitoring Mutual Progress and Accountability – Support your Co-Achiever in getting more accountable by demonstrating how you are more accountable.. Take Charge, Achieve Goals & support others to do the same..

Believe And you will BE!!

The Co-Achiever’s Club is rocking with 2 Co-Achiever’s & we know that very soon sky is gonna be the limit!!

Anyone interested in joining the Co-Achiever’s Club? The only fee to be paid here is your Full Intention & Complete Faith- in your own self..

To know more, please contact:

The idea behind “Co-Achiever’s Club” -Mugdha Shah@ Skype: mugdha.shah121

Co-Achiever @ “Co-Achiever’s Club” – Shraddha Trasi @ skype: shraddha.trasi