Anything is possible!!

Will you believe me if I said anything is possible? I’m not here to promote Adidas and its punch line but there is so much depth n truth in it.

Can you think of limitations that you have set for yourself? Like I’ve nourished a belief inside of me for years which is that I can’t ride a 2 wheeler or drive a 4 wheeler ever cuz it just bothers me when people get their vehicles close to me/ my vehicle..

This belief is pretty much me now!! I can’t drive or ride πŸ™‚
Does that mean I really can’t? No!! I have potential and power to drive very well, just that I choose not to believe in it.

So many times we are unaware of what’s happening inside us!! We don’t really catch ourselves choosing the limiting thoughts or beliefs and slowly these limiting beliefs start defining us.

Can u think for yourself a few such beliefs?? Do you have beliefs that:

are limiting your ability to earn funds?
are limiting your ability to find a life partner?
are limiting your ability to have a child?
are limiting you from owning your very own house/ property/ car?
are limiting you to lead a happy life with your life partner?
are pulling you down?

If so, all u got to do is watch them, and when you see them operating, you got to simple deflate them. Beliefs are like the products in the super mall. You will see thousands of them in variety of forms. You don’t buy every other thing you see in the mall. You choose and buy stuff you need..

Beliefs are similar to those variety of products. We got to choose the ones we need. If you got diabetes, would you buy candies for yourself?

Similarly, we got to choose beliefs that work for us. Beliefs are our way of manifesting beautiful things / events into our life. Beliefs are also another way of attracting negative events into our life.

When we know we can lose all those extra units of weight, we choose to live with that weight on us!! That’s a negative event..

When we know we can live healthily a beautiful life, we choose to worry about the minor ailments that then get magnifies eating out into our health. This is definitely a negative event..

We are created by an entity that’s whole, pure and complete. We are created by an entity that knows no limitations. And we have been created to realise that we are no different from this beautiful, full of love and possibilities – entity!! Call this entity god, Jesus, Allah, or any other name.. Call it nature, call it the beauty existing around it whatever

This entity is beautiful, never hurting,always loving, limitless!! And we are all capable of being limitless. Provided we believe so πŸ™‚

What is your belief that you would nourish today?
The belief I nourish myself with today : I am capable of loving everyone around me!! And I truly mean everyone πŸ™‚

I am an ARTIST because…

I AM AN ARTIST n Thank God for that πŸ™‚

I am an ARTIST because…

That’s the one and only one way, I feel most comfortable existing!!

I am an ARTIST because…

Creativity is one of the greatest gift I have received, without which my life would be simply INCOMPLETE..

I am an ARTIST because…

being an ARTIST is like having beautiful wings that allow me to fly to whichever place I want to be on this earth or beyond

I am an ARTIST because…

it gives me a good nights sleep and it gives me the peace of mind,of living a life completely aligned to my deepest values

I am an ARTIST because…

it allows me to break all rules, make new rules and break them too and yet live a life full of satisfaction and contentment

I am an ARTIST because…

spontaneity is like oxygen for me & creativity is like food for my soul

I am an ARTIST because…

there is no other way for me to exist

I am an ARTIST because…


Thanks Cristian Mihai for asking me this question!! This effort is not intended towards winning your August GiveawayΒ rather the question was so very compelling me to write my answer n by doing so,Β I feel so much more in love with my life πŸ™‚

Thanks so much!!