Refresh those beliefs!!


We are so used to complaining all the time, that we forget we are in charge of our lives!

We act like we are watching an India -Pakistan match which we desperately want India to win, yet we can’t do anything other than scream at our cricketers and blame the ones who failed us.

Come on!! Its your life!

Now, lets not blame ourselves for acting like a victim all the time. Like I said, choosing to be a victim is always easy.

It makes us feel safe as we pass the blame on to someone else, as if we are doing the best we could do, yet horrible stuff is happening to us. That’s a safe feeling that unfortunately takes us nowhere.

Instead, if we re-evaluate the beliefs that back us in these situations, we can change a lot here.

Our beliefs are around making that impression on someone, someone else liking us, the world appreciating us, our ability to fake our world in order to appear perfect.

We’d rather feel rotten inside than to admit that our life isn’t working well.

Starting over isn’t tough! It starts with being okay with whoever we are, wherever we are, whoever we are with! When we are okay with it, its easier to find solutions to the situation. Resisting the situation is the fastest way to ensure we are hanging in there.

Which belief are you backed up with? Time to take charge and f5 them 🙂

Help me, help you : cuz I’m here to serve :)

Help me in helping you

Help me in helping you

How can you help me, in supporting n serving you…

~ By trusting me that  ‘I will maintain confidentiality at all times’

~ By trusting me that ‘I am not here to judge you’

~ By sharing with me all the blocks that pull you down

~ By sharing your joys and wins with me, however big or small

~ By sharing your beliefs and working on them

~ By believing in me because ‘I truly believe in you’

~ By respecting our time and commitments

~ By being honest and open

~ By being accountable and responsible for your choices and actions

If you are here, reading this : May be you would want to know ‘How I can help you‘ or ‘What do I gain when I’m Coaching YOU‘ or ‘Why should you always choose Paid Coaching


Coach Shraddha


How does the ‘ME of my DREAMS’ look like?

I am on my way to become the Dream ME, in 12 weeks!! And it takes time to first be clear on what kind of ME, am I aspiring to be!!

I’m sharing here, how does my Dream ME look like cuz this is my vision for my near future:

1. A Confident ME – balancing my day with 6 hours of sleep ( 😉 may be 7), 6 hours of work,  7 hours of my family time, 3 hours (or 2 😉 when I’m lazy) for learning a new skill n polishing an old one & 2 hours of self care

2. A Contented ME – thanking the giver for allowing me to support others in overcoming obstacles that stop them from living a dream life, a life of alignment & balance

3. A Clear n Focused ME – knowing exactly how to go about my clients, setting up a beautiful process that keeps my Coaching Practice in place & allows me to be on the same page as my clients, bringing beautiful light in the lives of my clients as they take value from the Coaching Sessions:)

4. A Connected ME- connected deeply and truly with my inner self & along with that connected with others outside as well.

5.  A Peaceful ME- sleeping for only 6 hours of calm and restful (devoid of disturbing thoughts and issues)  sleep, as the life I dream of is the life I live:)

6. A Happy & Grateful ME- serving my family with joy, as I leave all the love less thoughts and conflicts behind, focusing on spreading love to everyone around- Yay this is my fav one 🙂

7. A Learning ME- picking up new skills to learn every year, may be new languages so as to connect with many more people across the globe (Thanks ICA for starting this for me)

8. A Loving ME- loving myself enough so as to drink enough water (starting with 2 litres/day), eat lots of healthy food, breathe in lots of healthy loving air, exercise and activate myself enough to feel light and full of energy through out my day & think of only positive love spreading thoughts

9. A Liberated ME- feeling free from any low thoughts that create or pass on conflicts, feeling free from expectations from others, feeling free from pressures of other’s expectations, feeling free from judging others or judging myself, feeling free to pass on love to the rest of the world.

This is exactly what am I focusing on!! Leaving behind the thoughts about the ME- I don’t like!!

I am only focusing on the ME- I wanna be..

Dream Big!!

And imitating what worked for me with my Research Paper, I am committing to the world here:

Please un-follow this blog ,if by 25th April 2013, i.e. in 12 weeks I don’t become the ME of my dreams.

I will surely let everyone know of the outcome of this challenge 🙂

2 other commitments that I wanna make here are that in 2014, I will be capable of blogging in Spanish (& connecting with a new set of beautiful people across the world) & I will be capable of calling myself a ‘Bridal Mehendi Professional’ !!

Do check on me!!

What is your idea of a Dream ME? Anyone willing to accept a Self made challenge?