My list of 10 things ‘rich’ people do every day!!!

I know..the regular lists that I have read so far are different from this one! People believe, reading is one of the activities that keeps them rich ..

I disagree!!! N hence…

This is my list, of what the ‘newer’ generation of ‘rich’ people (read youngsters) do daily:

1. Express gratitude: 

In simple n quick ways, like saying ‘thank you’ or writing a list, or remembering stuff that expresses reason for gratitude ♥️

2. Spend time in nature:

Even if it means, a five minute walk outdoors looking at trees or breathing pure fresh air, or bare feet on grass, or listening to the wind blowing …

Whatever that’s quick n simple, n yet OUTDOOR♥️

3. Spend quality time with family:

This is as good as the topper on this list! Sharing meals together, or doing some kind of a daily/ weekly activity with the family, where everyone is heard, time is shared and hearts are open : a must have!! 

Could be dining, playing, watching a movie, traveling, or even buying groceries ‘together’ ♥️

4. Pursue a hobby with commitment:

The commitment isn’t time based, it is heart based! Which means the person is able to pursue his hobby when the heart desires to do so! 

It could be as simple as singing (even if it means in the shower) or driving or painting or writing or whatever it is that connects you with your heart.. 

this one is a biggie n most essential♥️

5. Compliment others generously n open heartedly:

It changes the world for the person! N who doesn’t like to be genuinely appreciated ??

Recognising something beautiful about people around you, and commending them for it : a biggie on my list ♥️

It sends great vibes across the globe♥️

6. Send out love into the universe:

Every single person on this planet has goofed up in life. So what? 

Expressing love is another way of saying ‘it’s okay! I goofed! N it’s okay :-)’

Sending out love to oneself first, n then to all of those who may need it too, to all existing in this universe ♥️

7. Honour their needs:

It could be as small as drinking water, as simple as exercise 

It could be simply taking a break with a movie or may be by eating chocolate or calling a friend or spending solo time ..

It could also be as big as going on a spontaneous vacation or keeping the cell phone switched off..

Only we know, what is it that we need. And it’s our prime responsibility to take care that those needs are honoured.

8. Have heart to heart conversations with people that matter: 

Just cuz people are rich, doesn’t mean they don’t have time for people that matter. Simple conversations that are guided by curiosity (rather than an agenda) create magic!!

They shift energy for everyone involved in the conversation.

9. Be themselves, be authentic:

Breaking labels is the need of the day! Each one of us brings this unique energy out into this world. And we got to keep it that way.

One of the reasons, I’m making a different list of what rich people do daily, is cuz I don’t agree that in order to be rich, I have to do something different than who I am..n I hate reading!! 

Rich people needn’t be busy! Rich people can pursue their hobby, can honour their needs.. 

we all got to think about our life differently than what the world has taught us. 

It’s time to be authentic n be whoever it is that you are..

N believe that you are gonna make it big, by expressing this unique energy out ..

10. Go to bed with a clear, open and loving heart ♥️

Last but the most important one, sleep with a clear, love filled open heart!

We make mistakes, we hurt people unintentionally, we do stuff that we aren’t proud of..

Each day, we let it go! Just as we express gratitude at the beginning of each day, we release everything that has finished serving us, or is failing to serve us, every night!

We let all the hurt/ tears/ anger/ sadness or whatever it is holding us back, we thank it n then we let it go♥️

By forgiving ourselves, n others who have hurt us, we clear our hearts making space for new experiences!!

N with this, I am hoping, this post shifted some energy for all of you!

Hope you loved reading ‘my list of ten things’ that rich people do daily♥️

I would encourage you to create your own list that serves you! And if you feel like sharing it with us, please do so in the comments..

Adios, chao , namaste 🙏



TEN nice n awesome things I did yesterday :)

10 NnA things I did 🙂

1. Inspite of getting late for my Guitar class, prepared Chapatis for my hubby’s lunch box – Luv u Duddz for not goofing up with ur priorities 🙂

2. I learnt how to strum variety of strum patterns on my Guitar, for various hindi songs using a single chord – E minor (The only one I’ve learnt so far)- Yay, now I will never say ‘But, I dunno how to strum’

3. Reblogged this beautiful pic, Himalayas from above & thanked god 🙂

4. Sent a congratulatory mail to my students for dipping themselves ‘full on’ into action 🙂 After the success of a well planned n fun ‘Teacher’s Day’ they’ve gotten together for organizing a beautiful celebration of Engineer’s Day on 15th Sept

5. I did quite a lot of successful ‘late evening’ multi tasking in my kitchen n finished my chores in less than an hour (Which is quite an achievement for me- lol)

6. I didn’t get upset with my client who forgot about our Coaching Session (Thanks to my coach Shakti, who did the same for me, when I forgot our session couple of times) & I also din’t get upset at myself after realizing, that it was my confusion n not ‘she forgot @ our session’ 🙂

7. I read a blogpost @ RAOK – aka Random acts of Kindness as a way of celebration.. Awesome post!!

8. Saw these beautiful Magnolia flowers @ Bec’s blog & thanked god for all his beautiful creations 🙂

9. Explored a beautiful travel blog & loved Timothy’s ride on a bamboo boat 🙂

10. I am celebrating 4 successful to do items out of 6 (that I had challenged myself to do) for a 21 day period.

ONE-  I not just joined my Guitar class, but have been practicing & attending them regularly – Yay..

TWO- I took up and successfully executed the challenge of including meaningful games for my Group Coaching assignment 🙂 Thanks to the challenge board- I loved the games! They added a lot of meaning and value to my Coaching 🙂

THREE – I registered for an October Supervised Coaching (Sessions in which a Master Coach evaluates and assesses me on my coaching skills, while I am coaching a client ) Yes, I will graduate as a Certified Professional Coach by December 2012 – Yayyy Hurray

FOUR- My multitasking in the kitchen is paying off, since the time I decided to restrict the time I spend in the kitchen. The goal was an excellent one, which I also enjoyed executing !!I choose that this goal stays with me for the rest of my life 🙂

😉 Getting up in the morning @ 7.20 am – I did it for quite a few days but cant make it a part of my routine.. I’ve decided to keep this one flexible as it spells more morning time with my hubby 🙂

😦 Doing Pranayam n exercising  😦 Cudn’t get this important one right.. But no probs.. Im gonna continue tracking on this one..

So that’s about my list of 10 NNATID yesterday..Thank you god for everything that you’ve blessed me with 🙂

Signing off!