Who rules you? Your Head or your Heart?

And if you have the answer popping right away, Id request you all to take a few minutes off, and analyse if you are ruled by your head or by your heart.

Ruled by your head simply means that logic and rationale holds good for you & you like to make your decisions based on facts & principles. Ruled by your heart would mean that you give more importance to your values and feelings, and all your decisions will be based on how the outcome of your decision affects people..

This Head Vs. Heart dichotomy ..In MBTI referred to as the Thinking Vs. Feeling dichotomy is described as the Judgement function or the function that helps us to arrive at decisions.

MBTI is a type instrument in which each person can be categorized based on their preferences in each of the 4 dichotomies or pair of preferences.There are 4 preferences to be made n each preference has something unique about it.

The very first preference is towards Extraversion or Introversion. If you wanna know your preference you may read the post “Meet the Extraverts & the Introverts“.

The second preference is towards Sensing or iNtuition. If you wanna know more about your preference of how you perceive the world, you may read the post ” Lets perceive – How we perceive?

And this post which is the 4th post of a 5 post series on MBTI, is about the judgement function and our preference of how we arrive at our decisions!!

So when we say Thinking Vs. Feeling, it does not mean that a thinking oriented person, lacks the ability to feel. At the same time, it can’t be said that a feeling oriented person has no thinking ability. It just describes a preference of your head ruling you (Head can be associated with thoughts so Thinking) or your heart ruling you (Heart can be associated by feelings so Feeling).

Lets see, how a Thinking oriented person is different from a Feeling oriented person.

A T type person, (thinking type) always gives importance to logic, principles & he arrives at his decisions based on these principles. He always holds a very impersonal judgement of the situation, without really thinking about the emotions or the feelings of the people involved.

Lets take an example of a team lead who has to report the performance of people in his team. One of the team mates, has been sick for say half the quarter, and so his performance has got affected. The other team mates, have been reporting regularly at work and few of them have achieved their targets & few have not.

This T type person, will always refer to facts while making decisions. So he will rate the people based on how much of their targets have been achieved. His decision-making is totally impersonal, and is linked only to the targets achieved. His decision-making is ruled by his head, and so he is not programmed to think of how the sick person will feel.

He is very clear about how he has arrived at his decision. He places utmost importance to facts n principles.

Now, if the same team lead, is F type (Feeling type), he will be ruled by his heart. He somehow, places himself in the shoes of the sick person and is able to empathize with his feelings.  His decision-making now will be based on the feelings of the people involved. He may not arrive at the same decision as arrived by the T type. F type people always place utmost importance to feelings and values of the people involved.

Which one is better? I know we all are programmed to rate ourselves as the better ones. Each type has its own plusses and minusses & striking a balance between the 2 is always important.

So, they say F type people are more suited in professions like Nursing, HR, Counselling, Coaching cuz such professions are aimed at making the person at the receiving end feel better. So its natural for F type people to feel at home in such roles. At the same time, job roles like a Supervisor’s role, Manager’s role, Quality Assurance or Quality control etc are roles which require T type people as the role is based out of the need of following some logic, being able to follow certain principles and rationale.

T type is more skilled when it comes to picking out flaws or deviations from the required standards. T type people find it natural to mention straight away, that the product lacks the quality. They have a very impersonal judgement about the same, and they are able to look at the situation as a third-party or an onlooker. Hence, their suitability in Quality control roles.

F type, finds it difficult to tell people about their flaws or shortcomings. They get into the shoes of the person rather than looking at the situation from outside, and hence, they find it difficult to give critical feedback. The need for harmony and a conflict free environment is very important for F type people hence their suitability in Nursing or HR roles exists.

Now lets see, how conflicts arise between T and F type people. T type persons find it very natural to be straight forward in detecting inconsistencies or flaws. It is like they are judging based on some principles. For them its like ticking right or wrong seeing the list of correct answers and they are extremely straight forward in mentioning this.

A F type person, finds this rather a blunt way of expressing things and expects the T type to be polite or pleasant in the way he puts it across. A F type person will think twice in calling an apple – an apple, if the people who are listening don’t like apples. So, it’s the feelings of the other people,that matters to a F type, rather than the facts.

So, a T type person finds this behavior extremely emotional and irrational.

What appears harmonious and anti conflicting to a F type, appears as being illogical and over emotional to a T Type.

The F type tries to understand the situation being a part of the scenario, whereas a T type tries to analyse the situation by being an on looker.

Again, if a thought of which one’s better is coming to your mind, please get rid of that thought cuz we are just trying to know our measurements here!!

So an Extravert person with a preference for Sensing, and who is Thinking oriented person will write his type so far as – EST. An Introvert, who prefers iNtuition and a preference for Thinking will write his type so far as INT.

My type is ENFP!! I’ve written so far about the 3 pairs of preferences, which can help you figure out 3/4th of your type.

My last post will be about the 4th pair of preference which deals with preference of the perception function over the judgement function.

Hope the previous posts have been helpful so far. Signing off for now!!