Think them anyway!!!

When you ask of life, that which no one around you has ever asked, you kinda question it!

But that’s exactly what makes it crucial and critical!

If Steve Jobs, didn’t ask for music to be fitting right into his tiny denim pocket, we wouldn’t have experienced this world changing technology that has a prefix of an ‘i’

Think all of those thoughts!!

A world of Peace!! Yeah!!!

Life with zero traffic on roads!! Hell yeah..

Think all of these thoughts, which you urge to think..

Cuz they have the power to change lives


And you’re worth it!! Every thought you have deserves the space to exist..

Every thought you think, comes with power..

Don’t take away your power by dumping all those powerful thoughts in the recycle bin..

Think them!!

Think them anyway..



What’s your truth???

A parallel world exists of parallel truths!

It’s not our business to prove to the world the ‘rightness’ of our truth! Our business is to choose wisely, the ‘truth’ we’re investing our energy in!!

N then express this beautiful truth in kind n sweet ways!

It’s not tough to remember this! Just tedious sometimes cuz the mind is a monkey, jumping from one futile thought to another..


How bad the bad? Or how good the good???

There are times when we’re pushing ourselves really hard.. so hard that we often fall flat on our faces..

Really!! Have you experienced getting hurt physically, when ure pushing yourself too hard, feeling horrible yet forcing yourself to push that deadline/ goal/ whatever it is??

Infact, I’ve realised n noticed this so much that now when I hurt myself (hit my head against that door/ hit my knee on my studio desk/ hurt my finger) I know I’m doing something that’s not meant to be done..

We feel like who will do this if not for me? N we’re wrong!!

We are here to experience our power n that power is in full throttle when we’re feeling good .. creating more n more of stuff for us to feel good♥️

btw’s also in full throttle when we’re feeling horrible,n this time creating more of stuff that makes us feel horrible.. n hence ouch!!! That hurts ..

If we wanna feel good,we can either do stuff that makes us feel good, or start feeling good about whatever we do!!

Whatever comes easy!! N then things start getting done by the power of alignment!!

Focus on stuff that You’ve  always desired to experience n see it falling in front of you, as if it was here only for you to experience..

These are kind lessons I’ve learnt listening to AH!!

N they mean the world to me! Life falls in place n this lesson makes the most meaning..

Create a life of your choice, experience your expansion n enjoy the journey..

The fun journey called life🎁♥️

It’s all pretty easy! 

A deep desire, is all it takes! A deep desire to change the experiences you’re having in this life.

Whether it’s the desire to meet your soulmate, or the secret wish to grow rich, be it to travel across the world or to live in a new city- every change starts with the deep desire to create a magnificent experience!

All we need to do is think carefully, what we choose to experience! Speak in accordance to the deep desire and act in alignment!

It really is that simple.

Are you desiring a beautiful change in your life?

You could start by giving your desire some air, by repeatedly thinking about it. Or perhaps speak it out. 

Wanna comment below, what’s your deep desire in life?

A super commitment of a serious spontaneous soul!!

Okay So I got to admit that I am too spontaneous & sometimes following plans (read sticking around) is tough for me!

But this is who I am!! Doesn’t mean I am not serious about my commitments..

My behavior stems from the belief that Life is meant to be explored & not carefully planned. So I explore whatever life offers to me. I am open to possibilities!!

So even when I have 3 weeks filled with almost 50 odd online classes, almost similar number of sessions – I have to do something that gives me a feel that my life is in my control and not in control of any plan!

That’s the root of my need for spontaneity in my life. I am so sure that its difficult to make sense of, for all those people who can’t live without making plans and sticking to them!Cuz for them control is when they stick to plans, while for me control is when I breakfree 🙂

None the less, having a belief that spontaneous people keep no sense of deadlines is super silly!! Yeah, sometimes one may feel that they’re letting themselves loose around certain deadlines but that’s cuz those deadlines don’t matter to them.

And inspite of spontaneity, they do manage their deadlines!! So here’s a commitment from me on my blog that by 18th Jan -Friday,11.00 pm , my 2000 word thought leadership article / case study will be done & I’ll also post it here for people to check on me 🙂

So inviting all followers of, please check on me!!

And if I fail to do so, please unfollow my blog 🙂