33 yay!! Good times are rolling :-)

Ya, I know numbers repeating themselves are a sign from our angels!! Good news for me is, my age is 33 and I know my angels are showering love and light on me this entire year.

A year to aspire for lots of love, lots of stillness, loads of movement, loads of rhythm, breaths of pure oxygen, my book seeing the light of the day, lots of milestones by my baby Ekaansh, traveling to beautiful places, watching movies with my hubby, supporting both my moms in the kitchen (did I really say that??), doing stuff I’ve been scared to do, feeling more n more beautiful, inspiring the world daily, waking up to see sunrises, breathing the morning air before half the world wakes up, excite my students to fly high, fly high myself with them, eating healthy, listening to myself deeply, improving my patience, treating my parents well (eliminate the anger that claims me when I’m with them lol), increasing my tolerance quotient, meet beautiful exciting people in train, catch the valley and greenery at 7.45 am every Thursday that I travel by train :-), see n hear more of my favorite birds, parrots, squirrels, butterflies, tailor birds, bharadwaaj, meet new n beautiful daily, acknowledge something beautiful in every person I am around, smile more more n more, say ‘love you’ more often, reconnect with old friends, bump into new ones, forgive everyone, love everyone, make more friendship with Ekaansh, suspend judgment, argue less, tolerate more…

Paint my walls, learn mehendi, sing, feel on ‘top of the world’, less iPad n cell time, more face time with Ekaansh n my family, more kitchen time, more Zumba time, more time for appreciating my beauty, look new, look different, 

Whoa!!! Nice list 🙂 will add on n more importantly, get them done 🙂