Today is just not that day…

My first poem- written on 23rd December 2007

Today is just not that day…

The dark and the ugly,

The charming and the bubbly,

The quiet and the junglee,

Where do they come from?


The gifted and the jinxed,

The lonely ones in the mix,

The dull and the eccentric,

Where do they go?


A spiral or a circle,

Or a never ending line.

Who cares, be it whatever

The Ruler, eternal, is time.


So many bends and Oh! Many roads!

Roaming are we, haplessly in ignorance, who knows

When did we start? Where did we go?

Did we ever stop? We are how old?


Dusty and rusted, sunken heavy souls,

Dying to fly free, excited to unfold,

what ’s grander than any  imagination

The unseen colors, the experience untold.


Where do I stand? Or do I toddle?

I wanna know

How long and how far

Will I have to go?


Did I run, did I fall?

Or did I Simply stand tall?

What exactly did I do?

Did I fail, to hear the call?


Did I try or did I give up?

I wanna know

Why am I here? Please tell me,

Someone tell me where to go?


Thousands of questions,

At whom should I throw?

Answers, will I get?

How much more, older will I grow?


Tired and sick, the journey I wanna break

“TIME PLEASE” can I say, with nothing at stake

I don’t wanna lose, I wanna play this game

I know “I will win”

But today is just not that day……..