Thank you!

If I have ever crossed paths with you, virtually or may be in real life,

I owe you a thank you 🎁

If you have ever been, even the faintest reason behind my smiles, while I was reading something you posted on fb,or said to me in person,

I owe you a thank you🎁

If you have ever given me courage, when I needed it the most, or maybe when I didn’t, or spoken words of wisdom with a pure intention in your heart,

I owe you a thank you🎁

If you have ever wished well for me, in my failure or my success, in my illness or my wellness, in my lows or highs 

I owe you a thank you🎁

If you have ever been my friend,someone I’ve lost touch with, or a fb friend or virtual or a good one, who has made life lighter and more joyful, 

I owe you a thank you🎁

If you’ve been worried about me, or my progress or the perceived lack of it, with well intentions at heart,

I owe you a thank you🎁

If you’re my family, that has lost touch with me in these fast times, n remember me for good reasons (n not cuz I was a cranky girl 😍) with joy in your heart,

I’m already thankful for you🎁

If I have ever angered you, or been a cause of stress (my amma 😘) , have made it tough for you to accept me cuz I’m weirdness personified (aks) , made you question the status quo , 

I owe you a thank you🎁

If you have even faintly heard or thought or spoken of me, with well intentions 

I owe you a thank you🎁

To everyone who I’ve seen, met, heard, spoken to, shared great times with, had tough times with, 

Thank you🎁

If not for that lady in the train, who fought daily, I wouldn’t have asked for peace

If not for my beautiful job, that didn’t fit me, I wouldn’t have searched for my right fit

If not for all the difficulties and hardships in this world, I wouldn’t have asked for ease n effortlessness

If not for the frustration these times call for, I wouldn’t have demanded contentment 

Thank you my beautiful world 🎁

Today, I accept you with an open loving heart, and let you weave your magic over me..

Cuz who I was yesterday is a forgotten tale

N who I am becoming is the real game 🎁

Thank you!

Roller coaster

The ups and downs of a super emotional person are invisible to the logical eye!

Can be felt only by the sensitive..

There’s no reasoning behind why the feelings, how they feel.

Deep, cranky, ruffled, lonely, senseless, lost, low, ……

Seems like a list of words.

To the person feeling them, seems like being in a new country without a map..

Yet, to be able to hold onto the last straw n keep going, knowing, just like the downs there will be ups 

That is the game changer❤️🎁

To the savior game changers..

Ten tips to tune into your highest vibration!

This is gonna be a short and quick post, cuz tuning in to ones highest vibration is as simple as it’s tough!

Ten quick tips here:

1. Look out any window, observe the greenery and breathe. If you choose to, observe the color of the leaves, the shape, listen to birds chirping, and feel the abundance around.❤️🎁

2. Especially when using fb, feel the joy when you see happy pictures of your friends, family members or even your own pics. Offer gratitude❤️🎁

3. Allow yourself that joy, you’ve held yourself back from. That sweet treat, that extra hour of tv or fb or may be bunking the gym for a day, whatever it is! You deserve it❤️🎁

4. Day dream about beautiful scenarios of vacations in places you’ve deeply desired to visit! Imagine them happening and share with others your desire to be there❤️🎁

5. Share your meal, pocket money, salary, lunch , whatever that you love with someone who also deserves to have it. Share as much as you please❤️🎁 yes SHARE❤️🎁

6. Tell your family members, how much they mean to you. In words, letters, on fb, in messages, however! Let them know they are a gift in your life, n offer gratitude for their presence ❤️🎁

7. Smile at strangers, and pass on the gratitude! Say hi if they do❤️🎁 say hi even if they don’t. Feel the warmth of your heart and let it spread across❤️🎁

8. If doing this more often is tough, do it once a day. Do something that pleases you, and fills you with joy irrespective of what others say or think about you.

9. Be you! Irrespective of the adjectives. Lazy, angry, loving, forgiving, emotional, kiddo, sweet, sexy whatever!! Just be YOU! That is exactly why you are alive, right?❤️🎁

10. Let others be too!! Quit your judging hat n allow others to be who they are.not everyone has to think like you. Appreciate differences and let them coexist.

This is all for today.

Lots of love and great vibes..



Coming of a becoming..

Love has its own beautiful way of unfolding.Of welcoming you into its depths as if it was a trap. Getting you all tangled and caught, unaware.

At times you’re yourself. At times you’re everything but that.  

love at the very core


There’s self love that warms you up, assists you in dumping all that guilt. And then there’s this love that allows you to just be. Kind of lets you go away from all the ideas of ideals in your head.

Allows you to be lazy, angry or whatever you’re trying to ‘un’- be. Also pours so much love into you as if you were the next big change the world needs. Yeah, that feeling of love pours you with love, believing you are what the world needs…

And I guess that’s when you stop being yourself..

Cuz you aren’t aware, you’ve slowly started becoming your spouse, tolerating everything that once bothered you…or may be you’ve become your mom, who wishes the best all the time or may be your kid who has fun and play on his mind all the time..

Where have you disappeared dear beauty? This world needs you!!!

And here I am! Becoming more and more beautiful each day, sans makeup or a chic wardrobe..

Simply being that love..

Simply becoming love…

I’ve heard that somewhere ‘love means you’re slowly losing your mind!’

Yeah I guess I am..

Losing my mind yet gaining my heart, one loaded and bursting with love..

Love.. Exactly where im gonna vanish day or may be night..

With love,


Forgiveness and tolerance

There is no end to emotions like hatred and acts of violence! Country after country, religion after religion, colour after colour, gender after gender,gender roles after gender roles,species after species! Where does it stop?

Is it really so hard for us to feel oneness? That we all are alive, we all need similar necessities like food,oxygen, clothes, a roof to live under and above all love?

We’re trying to get one up, by killing/hurting our own kind! And where do we think it’s going to take us? 

Watching this movie ‘little boy’ was an eye opener for me. I was left wondering, what could possibly be the way to bring this world, this beautiful world feel all the love? 

Where does all the hatred come from? I guess it comes from our egos, that expect the world to behave in a certain way. When our expectations aren’t met, the easiest option is hate! I wasn’t treated well, so I hate. My parents weren’t treated well so I hate. My country, my colour, my gender wasn’t treated well so I HATE!!

Is it really so easy to hate? To hurt others? Aren’t we hurting ourselves, our own kind, our own fellow ‘living beings’ ? 

Where does this post lead me? The only take away, capable of being acted upon,at least for me, is forgiveness and tolerance! I wish each one of us, all of us who are alive today, choose to tolerate one another, choose tolerance over hurt. If not all of us, at least me!

And believe me, it isn’t really easy! When someone you love judges you, I see a really big hole in my energy field draining me, and I see the person happily working on that emptiness to make it bigger n bigger. Can they help it? May be its their emptiness that just expands to our energy field😔😢

The weight of expectations we allow ourselves to carry – that’s the factor that needs to go..

If we can forgive and tolerate ourselves for every ‘wrong’ that we perceive we’ve done, I guess we can forgive any one and everyone else. Charity as they say, begins at home. All we need is to have a big heart to say ‘it’s okay you! You goofed up and it’s okay!’ Whoever the ‘you’ is..

Whether it is ourself or any one else. Doesn’t matter. What matters is the fact that, that ‘you’ is forgiven!!

John Lennon’s ‘imagine’ is something I ‘imagine’ too. I believe in it too. Il do my little to get there 🙂