Trust vs fear, fear comes easily thanks to generations of programming our minds with the belief ‘fear is what keeps us safe’

While our brain does that so as to not let us step outside our comfort zone, thus keeping us safe (sighs), our soul really can take care of it..

Trusting that everything will work out is a far better feeling than what if it doesn’t..

N by practice, we can nudge ourselves into making this choice!!

This is only n only a reminder to my self, that trust is all I’ve got!! Cuz it’s gotten me here, to a career that I can finally call mine (after sampling more than three careers that failed)

N it’s gotten me home!!

Trust n trust more folks♥️

A letter to my son, for when he is older..

Dear Ekaansh,

It’s so tough yet easy at the same time to be a parent of the most beautiful kid I could’ve ever asked for. I trust and know that I’d be a great parent, especially knowing for sure that you’re going to do beautifully well in your life.

It feels like you’re my teacher n I’m the student,more than me- the mom n you- the toddler.

You’ve taught me n are constantly teaching me, of how beautiful n easy life is! You teach me to marvel at the beauty right around us, n intrigue me with your intrigue about the ordinary yet strikingly awe filled stuff.

You teach me the importance of having a voice, and you advocate to me the crucial aspect of being who one is, irrespective of what the flawed adults have got to think. You’ve made me realize the power of intentions, n words spoken from the heart. 

You’ve taught me to revel in the imperfection, and choose differently. I love the way you paint….the colors flowing out of the picture, and black flowers n colorless strawberries with multi colored seeds. You leave me awe struck with your imagination.

You teach me the art of ‘JOY’ n boy!! we have so much fun together, be it looking out the window, painting or reading, playing with water during bath time or simply being outdoors with you! You’ve taught me to smile more often, you show me how you allow the universe to distract you into looking at what’s more beautiful..n I follow you well!!

I love the way you express yourself, you ask for hugs when you need them. And you say NO when you don’t feel like giving me some!!! I love that about you. 
I love how you don’t respond to people who don’t touch your heart, ( even though I try to seek their approval by asking you to say hi to them, and slowly I’ve stopped seeking it)! And you just don’t apologize for shouting at someone who acts in a mean way to you. I love that.

I love the clarity you have even before you’re 2.5 years!! You definitely are my most beautiful gift in this whole wide BIG world, and please know deep in your heart, that every time I say it to you, I mean it two hundred percent!! I say it more often cuz I mean it every single time.

The reason why being your mom is tough – I have to be super mindful that I don’t ruin it for you. I’ve got to be mindful, when I tell you that life is tough, cuz it’s not tough really!

I’ve got to be extra mindful when I ask you to be super protective, cuz I’m responsible for ingraining into your innocent head that life is difficult n we ‘need’ to protect ourselves.

In short, I’ve got to be Intuned, so as to not funk you out of the ‘knowing’ of who you are! 

The reason it’s easy being your mom – you know it!! You know who you are! You just Won’t let me digress you out of it! You won’t take my word for it! You will know that you know better. 

And I’d love to be your student, quietly observing how beautifully you’re gonna make this world your play ground, like you already have. I’d love to be holding your hand, when in truth you’re the one hand holding me❤️😢

You came after a very long time in my life. Especially when I was almost prepared to live my life without a child. N thank you for making me wait!! That wait, helped me realize how much power my thoughts (all of them were then negative) had on my life.

N only when I stopped thinking, I got myself out of my own way!! 

N YOU, my most beautiful gift stepped in!! 

Please guide me as I intend to guide you along this easy n love filled path called life, where our thoughts make us or break us, our intentions make all the difference and our love for ourselves allows us to love this world with all our heart❤️🎁

Today, you said these very same words to me, when I stopped myself from ‘stopping you to play with your food’ – Thank you Amma! You’re my gift in the whole wide big world 😢

I had tears full of love!!! 

The same love you have for yourself, for me n for everyone else in your world!!

Thank you Ekaansh!

I intend to hold this space for you,(like you hold it for me) n let you make your choices irrespective of how the world chooses to ‘label’ them, n remind you eternally how beautiful n full of love you are!!

N how proud I am of you! Every single moment of my life❤️🎁

Thank you!

Your student,


PS: all the love n appreciation I get from across the world, the popularity, the purpose of Intuned, all the great work we’re doing n all the places we’re gonna go- it’s all thanks to my lil teacher, YOU❤️🎁

Dream decoded 

I strongly believe dreams are ways in which our higher self is communicating with us❤️ I’ve been seeing a lot of dreams lately. Not the ones I see with open eyes🤑 I see millions of those. Here, I’m referring to dreams we have when we’re sleeping..

These dreams are meant to signify stuff, that’s relevant to our current journey.

What’s so special about this dream, I had last night? 

It was a pure experience! Very tough to describe in words. Can only be felt.

I was at my granny’s house, in the room, where I’ve had beautiful experiences as a kid. The rooms wasn’t how it looks now (after renovation)! It was exactly like it was when I was a kid. And then in the middle of all that furniture was a beach chair!

You know the one they have on beaches, where people relax when they’re getting a tan!! Physically I can’t imagine how it fitted in that small room, with all the furniture. Yet in my dream,it was perfect!

And I was sitting next to Joy! Again, physically the chair was meant only for one of us. Yet both,me and joy fitted in! COMFORTABLY

And then what I experienced was mindboggling!

An experience of pure trust! And safety n warm fuzziness n being taken care of..

Cannot explain that feeling! It was like, it was a state of zero worry! Nothing to feel.

Pure comfort, like I felt as a kid in my moms arms.

Me and Joy, we were sitting next to each other. No conversation, no asking how n why?

Simply being!! Experiencing the safe feeling of nurture in our hearts…

Whoa! I dint wanna wake up. It was that kinda grounding that this dream brought!

Decoding it seemed pretty simple!

Following my inner joy is what is asked of me, irrespective of if it is in alignment with what I’m doing or pursuing right now!

Or may be it means, come what may, my inner joy will be guiding me safely back home.

To my heart❤️ to my soul❤️ 

3 reasons why Barter of Services is gonna make a big comeback

In a world, I envision and intend to be a part of, bartering of services (like the prime age) is gonna be the IN thing😍

Here are the top 3 reasons behind this happening:

1. When two overflowing cups pour into each other, the contents easily fall out, sharing themselves with the rest: 

Even though I charge a monetary value to the service I offer, the money has a very limited value as compared to my service. When my client chooses to pay me back in an equivalent offer of another service, the value of the services get multiplied ❤️

Both parties receive much more than the limited value of money! The effect of this energy exchange is both miraculous and magical❤️

The two overflowing cups, over fill each other n fall onto the rest, creating a dominos effect❤️

2. The future holds endless possibilities for magic, not for money:

The manifestation process very well works for everything under the sun, including money. Yet, money is just a part n not the whole.

When we at Intuned, dream of an energy shift, we see more n more artists, dreamers, photographers, dancers,musicians, singers, n other such ‘currently coined as non commercial’ professionals, to live a life of alignment.

Which means their dreams become possibilities. Not dreams of simply making money, but dreams of changing lives through their work. And as they do that, they go along making money. The reverse ( that they make their life, as they follow money) never works! 

Such dreamers know the possibilities hidden in dreams as opposed to the limited value of money. Bartering will be a universal choice❤️😍

3. The universe creates abundance with ease!

In bartering, the energy we radiate is that of trust!

We may not know the value of the service being bartered, in terms of the benchmark (money) yet we trust it’s the best❤️🎁

We believe, even though we may not receive money, we are receiving better than money. And this belief of abundance n ease goes out to create more money n more services..

It’s the best deal really❤️

Bartering is IN❤️

Mark the words❤️❤️❤️

Vulnerability – your key towards growth!!

I’ve always believed there’s no such thing as ‘washing your dirty linen in public’. It seems like we are faking ourselves in order to appear happy/ joyful/ peaceful/ perfect.

Appears like we’d rather wear this ‘perfect’ mask than be genuine, and display our true self. It’s only an act held in place by our ego which keeps telling us time and again, ‘We are RIGHT! We are correct! We never make mistakes’. It’s great if you want to choose that.  

   On the other hand, if you’re putting yourself out there, accepting yourself for who you are, letting go all that ‘not-so-helpful’ judgment, there’s a better chance of living a life.

We may get hurt, we may make mistakes but with hurt come these lessons, with mistakes comes growth. Our life, is not a movie to be screened publicly for it to be perfect. It’s our life!! The one darn life that we take for granted and we’ve got this one chance at it! 

Let it be crazy! Let it be filled with all the hurt and the goof ups! We shall learn n we shall get up again. For all those who wanna grow in life, wanna move higher – be vulnerable! It allows us to love ourselves fully and free ourselves from thoughts of what the world would think of us.

Have you FELT lately??

We are all so busy thinking rationally all the time, we may get disconnected with our spontaneous side. So this post is all about exploring, about experimenting with our spontaneity…

This painting: Courtesy Dipayan , Colours of Passion on fb :)

This painting: Courtesy Dipayan (Catch his work on fb , Colours of Passion)

Have you felt lately, like suddenly waking up at the middle of the night 

& wondering what are you doing??

Have you felt lately, like suddenly looking at the greenery outside

& talking to the leaves, listening to their hustle??

Have you felt lately, like suddenly not doing what you do always

& actually do something totally ‘NOT SO YOU’??

Have you felt lately, like singing aloud the music in your head

& not caring about what will people say??

Have you felt lately, like brushing your teeth in the afternoon

after lunch rather than after dinner??

Have you felt lately, like the universe is sitting right next,listening to you

waiting for you to look around & choose??

Have you felt lately, like your loved ones are actually communicating with you

but you’re not really listening??

Have you felt lately, like the road you take daily isn’t the road you want to walk

you want to actually take another route??

Have you felt lately, like just going out for a run or a walk outside

and observe the various colors of nature around??

Have you felt lately, like sipping some new flavor of coffee or tea,

leaving behind your regular option??

Have you felt lately, like abandoning the television

& breaking up with it forever??

Have you felt lately, like chucking whatsapp

& actually talking (voice chatting) with a friend??

Have you felt lately, like you are all about your limitations..

but not any more!! You have unlimited potential just like everyone else??

Have you felt lately, like the shuffle option on your playlist,

is actually listening to your choice of songs & giving them to you??

Have you felt lately, the touch of the breeze on your skin, on your hair

And not worried about how weird you’ll look after the breeze goes away??

Have you felt lately, the fragrance of your beloved’s scent, around..

even when the person isn’t really around??

Have you felt lately, how you will feel 10 years from now..

How all the things that look so grave today, will look unimportant then??

Have you felt lately, how the pressure of life seems to be going away,

Allowing you to just be, just flow & just be in bliss??

Have you felt lately, like the fights that happen around aren’t as disturbing

as they used to be before??

Have you felt lately, like choosing the Italic font & aligning it centrally

rather than towards the right?

Have you felt lately,like losing your way & getting back, asking people around 

& choosing not to use the resources on your smart phone??

Have you felt lately, like leaving your smart phone alone for a day or two

& making merry with real friends around??

Have you felt lately, like you’ve stopped to watch out what’s there on your route 

from work to home??

Have you felt lately, like the song you’re listening to, is actually making so much sense

and its actually saying something to you??

Have you felt lately, like adoring and appreciating your work, your effort,

more than anyone else??

Have you felt lately, like you are really the most beautiful,

not any separate from those around you??

Have you felt lately?? Have you stopped lately??

Have you observed lately?? Have you laughed lately??

Have you gazed at the stars lately?? Have you been alone lately??

Have you been in love with yourself lately??

The Joy window in our busy day!!!

Irrespective of how crappy or beautiful your day is, do find few minutes of time for something that fills you with joy!

What does joy mean to you?

Joy for me is playing with my toddler, bathing him and allowing myself to get wet, joy is when I’m talking to a teddy as if it’s alive just to bring a smile on my lil ones face..

Joy is when I’m listening to music, joy is when I’m drawing, joy is when I’m keeping my house organised, joy is when I’m standing at the window looking out, joy is when I’m selecting and downloading movies to watch with my husband, joy is when I’m with nature, joy is when the leaves make that sound as if they’re saying hi to me, joy is when I’m travelling weekly n meeting new people on the way..
Joys are everywhere around us!! Just waiting for us to be present to them!!

Lets spare a few minutes of our day for these tiny joys!!

We deserve them 🙂

Lessons from nature

As I look around, all the greenery, the nature – they seem to be living a different life!
A life of trust, a life of giving, a life of serving others and a life of surrendering to the highest will!!
For the sake of humans, nature has always been accommodating , not complaining!! It gives us ..with joy and when we choose to destroy it, it gives in to our motives assuming (I’m sure they assume so) that its the divine will..

its so beautifull!!!

All they know is to exist, the leaves – they know to be green, move with the wind, when the seasons change they know they have to fall and they fall!! For them knowing and experiencing is one and the same..

They have no conflict! Of knowing one thing and experiencing the other.. They are at peace irrespective of whether they’re alive and kicking or whether they’re burning and dead..

If its really that easy to exist, simply breathing and giving in to the divine will, why are we experiencing conflict?

What intention are you setting today?

We Indians are pretty much aware of the funda of ‘Sankalpa’ that we set before any Pooja, or any auspicious occasion like a wedding or any other one..
Setting an intention or a ‘sankalpa’ is so powerful!
All we need to do is choose our intention and set it 🙂
It’s like our little talk with the universe where in we set the intention while the universe is listening. Open mindedly trusting the universe while doing so is such a gift..

So what intention are you setting for today? Or maybe an intention for the rest of the week?

Absolutely no need to share it here. Simply communicate it clearly and feel the peace & joy..

I welcome you all to set your intention 🙂

Signing off!