Lessons from nature

As I look around, all the greenery, the nature – they seem to be living a different life!
A life of trust, a life of giving, a life of serving others and a life of surrendering to the highest will!!
For the sake of humans, nature has always been accommodating , not complaining!! It gives us ..with joy and when we choose to destroy it, it gives in to our motives assuming (I’m sure they assume so) that its the divine will..

its so beautifull!!!

All they know is to exist, the leaves – they know to be green, move with the wind, when the seasons change they know they have to fall and they fall!! For them knowing and experiencing is one and the same..

They have no conflict! Of knowing one thing and experiencing the other.. They are at peace irrespective of whether they’re alive and kicking or whether they’re burning and dead..

If its really that easy to exist, simply breathing and giving in to the divine will, why are we experiencing conflict?


What intention are you setting today?

We Indians are pretty much aware of the funda of ‘Sankalpa’ that we set before any Pooja, or any auspicious occasion like a wedding or any other one..
Setting an intention or a ‘sankalpa’ is so powerful!
All we need to do is choose our intention and set it 🙂
It’s like our little talk with the universe where in we set the intention while the universe is listening. Open mindedly trusting the universe while doing so is such a gift..

So what intention are you setting for today? Or maybe an intention for the rest of the week?

Absolutely no need to share it here. Simply communicate it clearly and feel the peace & joy..

I welcome you all to set your intention 🙂

Signing off!