Think them anyway!!!

When you ask of life, that which no one around you has ever asked, you kinda question it!

But that’s exactly what makes it crucial and critical!

If Steve Jobs, didn’t ask for music to be fitting right into his tiny denim pocket, we wouldn’t have experienced this world changing technology that has a prefix of an ‘i’

Think all of those thoughts!!

A world of Peace!! Yeah!!!

Life with zero traffic on roads!! Hell yeah..

Think all of these thoughts, which you urge to think..

Cuz they have the power to change lives


And you’re worth it!! Every thought you have deserves the space to exist..

Every thought you think, comes with power..

Don’t take away your power by dumping all those powerful thoughts in the recycle bin..

Think them!!

Think them anyway..



What are you attracting today?

Happiness? Bliss? Satisfaction? Or Envy? Fear? Failure?

Are you attracting abundance? Or are you attracting a constant lack?

Have you ever thought of taking control and attracting stuff that you choose to have in your life? Sometimes, unknowingly and unintentionally, we attract stuff that we don’t really choose for ourselves!!

And this stuff that’s not really welcome in your life, starts pulling more and more of unwelcome n unwanted stuff!!

When you hurt your finger, and constantly think about how quickly will it heal, have you observed, that it so happens that you hurt it again and again?

By constantly worrying about something, we actually feed our energies to the negative possibilities. When we worry about our health, and keep thinking about how is the illness going to disappear, we are feeding energy into our illness and thus, its growing stronger into our life..

When we worry about how are we going to have enough resources, guess what? We will never have enough resources!! Cuz we are focusing on how the resources are falling short rather than being grateful for their presence in our life..

If you’re low and you’re finding everything going wrong in your life, writing a gratitude list may be just what you need 🙂

There was a time, when any minor ache I had would consume so much of my energy, that it just wouldn’t go!! And then I just started ignoring them. And after that they just don’t seem to visit me that often 🙂

Have you experienced anything of this sort? Can you trace back to the thoughts that cause you to attract unwanted or rather unasked stuff?

After you’ve figured this out, I would really love to know -What is it that you’re attracting today?