Baarish : An outpour 

The steeper the climb,
More exciting gets the finish line..

Endless attempts to roughen the challenges
All for a ‘frivolous’ thrill 

Easy to make ‘tough’ 
A way of life

and pretend we are someone else
cuz who we really are, is too simple

Sometimes all we need 
is an easy catch 

Our flawed beings 
can simply be

patchy and honest,
blunt and blotchy

cuz gravity doesnt judge
the outpour drenches all alike

all the masks finally
washed away

getting what we truly want
can never be this ‘steep climb’

cuz what we deeply desire
is outpouring with misconstrued ease

Be You🎁

It is only a matter of practice!! Cuz what really matters is what you feel..

If you like the idea of being ‘lazy’, so be it!! If you like the idea of ‘being joyous’ so be it..
If you like the idea of ‘gossip’ so be it! N if you love to whine away, do so..

Just be yourself, exactly how you are..

Every label will have millions of responses..let them be..

It’s time to chill away🎁