Excitement calling❤️

It’s 5.18 am and I’m literally waiting for my alarm to ring (which will ring only at 6.15 am lol)
Reason : a vacation, we’ve planned since we bought our car in Nov 2014!

Finally, we are driving (in a few hours) to this beautiful place, at an awesome time (read rains), with our toddler who is gonna love the journey just as much as we do.

He loves green grass, and water and flowers and cats and dogs and frogs and…loooong list

He is gonna have a rocking time this trip❤️ n so are we❤️

Life is about the thrill n adventure as my son Ekaansh lives it, every moment of his day!

He is so pure in expressing awe at such simple things like his fav show on tv, or the colorful window hanging, or his games n toys, or green grass for that matter❤️

Expressing gratitude for the most beautiful gift I’ve received (after my parents, sis, cousins, my hubby, my family) 

Here’s to many many happy, rocking, family, nature, leisure, lovely times❤️

Colors of Coorg :)

Finally we arrive!! 🙂

After weeks of planning & awaiting this beautiful stay, the day of 30th June 2012 finally arrived, n we landed at this beautiful cottage- No. 106  @ Amanvana Spa 8 island Resort @ Coorg, Karnataka. I fell in love with the resort instantly 🙂

Sneaky Kitten who’s also very camera friendly 🙂

This was the warm welcome, we received as soon as we entered into our cottage. There were 2 kittens playing & only this one was camera friendly 🙂

Carpet of fire, as I called them 🙂

A peach n green umbrella – Not meant for the rains, rather, the rains meant them 🙂

Few shots of the flowers that I oops WE, saw around our cottage. Din’t feel like entering the cottage, thanks to our cameras 🙂

Color, Color- Which one do you want?

These flowers remind me of – ” I wanna eat cherries :)”

Presenting to you, the cherry flowers!! Guys, don’t google it!! Ive coined the term 🙂 LOL. Cuz I actually felt hungry thinking of cherries, when I caught them on camera.

There’s a lot more of Colorful Coorg to come but for now, its me saying “Have a beautiful week ahead”