The ocean : my fav

The ocean is one of my fav places. The sound of the waves just ropes me in!!

It has the potential to center me, leaving me feeling grounded n yet there is a lightness and high of a flight..

The ebb and flow of the ocean syncs with my ebb and flow..

It’s weird to believe that the calming ocean that eases everyone experiencing it, also has the potential to get turbulent and destroy everyone manoeuvring it..

It’s just like me!! N maybe like you n everyone else..

When we’re grounded and centered, we have the potential to create endless joy for everyone experiencing us..

N when we’re disconnected from ourselves, stress suddenly becomes our turbulent companion, annoying our loved ones or sometimes even destroying our n their peace..

The ocean is my fav place..

Any time of the day or night, simply tuning into the sounds of the waves gets me into my own rhythm..

Thanks to technology, I have an app that has a looped video of the ebb n flow of the waves, with the sounds..

N it instantly transports me into the calm of my soul..

The ocean is my fav place in this world!!

5 tips to reverse that energy drain!

The days when you feel like all your energy is getting sucked out of you, leaving you feel drained, try these tips.


1. De-clutter your space. Be it your office desk or room, garden or car. Claim your energy by simplifying the space. De-clutter is ‘my word’ for putting back things in their own space, like the clothes inside the cupboard, the documents inside their respective files n so on. If your desk is full of stuff, no wonder you’re feeling that drain. Just this one step is an instant ‘pick me up’!

2. Make room in the available space. The first tip is one way of making room. Other ways are get rid of stuff that’s lying untouched, out of use, or undone.  You’ve bought that dress you’re never gonna use, get rid of it! There is stuff that’s too used up and unfit for use. Show it the door. Stuff that needs to be done, like those stack of bills on your desk, go pay them n then get rid of it.

 3. Move stuff around!! I love this one. An activity as simple as dusting, can be an energy reviver. By dusting, you’re actually moving the dust out of place. Movement brings back energy. Even moving furniture around the room works great. When things are lying in the same place for a long time, they’re kinda deadening your energy. Simply moving them around can work wonders.

4. Let the breeze in. Light and ventilation can be an instant pick me up! Open some of the windows, and let the light n breeze in. Instant way to lift your energies. Well ventilated spaces feel lively as against ones where there’s very little ventilation. If you’re driving, try pulling down your window and let the oxygen hit you in your face. Try me. 

5. Drink water & breathe. We often forget to drink water which is a must have! When sensing an energy drain, just pick a bottle of water and start gulping it in good volume. You will feel the energy back in no time. Also, check in on your breaths. Try going out and take those deep breaths. Let all that fresh air and oxygen rush tingle your energies back. 

Try these tips out. They’re not just simple and easy, they’re way too effective. Your energy levels and the space you’re spending time in, are co-related. If you’re spending more time in the kitchen, use these tips there. If your workspace needs an energy fix, be my guest. If it’s your room that has been ignored for long, spend a little time, using these tips there.

Your energy is waiting for you to claim it back 🙂 go get it!!