Artist or a writer??

I wanna write books, seriously!! And I wonder am I ready to take that plunge in self expression??

What I know is, I’m certainly ready for my art.. Cuz my art expresses it deeper, without words!!!

So for now, artist wins over writer!!! Unless my books are focusing on art!!

That might be a win-win really…

The writer is awake :-)

For all of us who write to express our thoughts, I guess we know that writing is a phase. We feel like writing a lot sometimes, and at times we just don’t wanna write. There are times when you know you just can’t get it.

The writer phase is active for me now. It always comes with lots of feelings, emotions, aspirations for the days to come and inspirations to keep me going. 

I see these photos posted by my friends, of nature, of their pets, of their time outdoors. The pics thrill me and I wonder wow, I’ve got to do this too. Then I despair looking at my current situation. I wanna spend a lot of time with my son. Going outdoors with him is a big challenge. He loves being outdoors too yet may be I’m not just ready to take him out daily. 

It’s a block I know. Yet, I feel happy seeing the pics and knowing someone out there is doing stuff I love. I can take joy in that. 

Most of the times I’ve realized, it’s the monkey mind just finding faults with everything I have. I’ll not fall prey to that. I’m happy just feeling the warm hands of my lil one. I’m happy writing as I sit next to him, when he is napping.

There will be times, some happy n some not. I guess that’s life. Love this quote I read today.

Breathe in the AMAZING, hold on through the awful, relax and exhale through the ordinary 🙂 wow!!! Isn’t that awesome ❤

Signing off with loads of gratitude..