Ten tips to tune into your highest vibration!

This is gonna be a short and quick post, cuz tuning in to ones highest vibration is as simple as it’s tough!

Ten quick tips here:

1. Look out any window, observe the greenery and breathe. If you choose to, observe the color of the leaves, the shape, listen to birds chirping, and feel the abundance around.❤️🎁

2. Especially when using fb, feel the joy when you see happy pictures of your friends, family members or even your own pics. Offer gratitude❤️🎁

3. Allow yourself that joy, you’ve held yourself back from. That sweet treat, that extra hour of tv or fb or may be bunking the gym for a day, whatever it is! You deserve it❤️🎁

4. Day dream about beautiful scenarios of vacations in places you’ve deeply desired to visit! Imagine them happening and share with others your desire to be there❤️🎁

5. Share your meal, pocket money, salary, lunch , whatever that you love with someone who also deserves to have it. Share as much as you please❤️🎁 yes SHARE❤️🎁

6. Tell your family members, how much they mean to you. In words, letters, on fb, in messages, however! Let them know they are a gift in your life, n offer gratitude for their presence ❤️🎁

7. Smile at strangers, and pass on the gratitude! Say hi if they do❤️🎁 say hi even if they don’t. Feel the warmth of your heart and let it spread across❤️🎁

8. If doing this more often is tough, do it once a day. Do something that pleases you, and fills you with joy irrespective of what others say or think about you.

9. Be you! Irrespective of the adjectives. Lazy, angry, loving, forgiving, emotional, kiddo, sweet, sexy whatever!! Just be YOU! That is exactly why you are alive, right?❤️🎁

10. Let others be too!! Quit your judging hat n allow others to be who they are.not everyone has to think like you. Appreciate differences and let them coexist.

This is all for today.

Lots of love and great vibes..



What is Intuned??

I’ve got this question from many friends and acquaintances pertaining to the business I’ve recently started. So what is ‘Intuned’ and what kind of business is it in? Lemme attempt to answer this in bits and pieces.

‘Intuned’ means someone or something that is tuned in.

‘Tuned in’ to what?

You might have heard musicians tuning their instruments, fixing them or rather turning them in order that they sound ‘right’.

We at Intuned, are here to support people in tuning themselves to their highest frequency!

What does that even mean?? Does that mean we aren’t at our highest frequency yet?

I don’t know your frequency yet! if you were tuned to your highest frequency, you’d be experiencing something like :

– feeling calm and centered in your life, most of the time

– following a sense of trust that your life is at its best

– being able to see a pattern even in chaos that unbelievably works in your favor 

– bumping into new people, being in new places without planning

– experiencing the gifts of life, in innumerable ways

– offering loads of gratitude and seeing gifts everywhere you go

– experiencing a new level of bliss in whatever you do

These are just few of the experiences that are a result of being tuned in to our highest vibration!

The kind of life we lead, is getting to resemble a person, unable to swim, struggling in rough waters!

We carry this vibration around us, a vibration of lack, of troubled waters, of things not working out.

And yes!!! This is not happening to us. We are making it happen to ourselves.

Simple choices that help us tune ourselves to our highest vibration, can turnaround life for us, in thousands of beautiful ways❤️🎁

And we at Intuned, are here to support you in tuning to this highest vibration. We partner with you to create (cocreate) the highest version of you!!

The best you❤️🎁

And that is exactly what ‘Intuned’ has been created for.

The fb page, through its blog posts, music pop ups, status updates and thoughts, quotes is here to remind you of who you are.

You are peace, love, calm, beauty and there are infinite resources at your disposal.

It’s just a matter of tuning in!!

Are you ready to be Intuned?

A combo of Energy Work in a Painting❤️🎁

Just finished creating this piece, which is a gift for my new found friend, Dadu!

I met Dadu, while appearing for the exam that qualified both of us, to be Insurance Agents🎁

He was sitting next to me, and it was about five mins left for the exam to start, when he started chatting with me. In less than two mins, common threads showed up, and he happened to write my contact number down.

It was so sweet of him, to message me after the exam. I was too hungry to wait for the entire hour, n so I finished the exam in 25 mins n moved out. He messaged me later and there, began a journey of energy exchanges.

We both believe we are gifts sent to each other! I find him to be a gift from my Ajjus (grand dads) who have passed on. He believes, I could be sent to him by his beloved wife who has passed on.

He sent me a cake few days back n flowers to celebrate our friendship❤️🎁

And tomorrow he is sending me a gift❤️🎁

And this piece of energy work is my way of saying thank you❤️😍

The Angels, guides and spirits of beloved ones who have passed on protect us! They’re depicted in the border of the painting!

The indigo layer represents the third eye, that helps us see the gifts around us and offer gratitude for the same.

The blue and indigo criss cross grid, is a filter that only allows good vibes to pass in, and rejects low vibrations and negative energy.

The checks in brown are a sum of all that we have n stuff that we don’t, to put together a wholesome n gratitude centered space, where everything that’s with us, or probably not, is for a reason❤️🎁

And in the center is my Dadu’s space!!

Home, office, his heart which has space for celebrations galore, peaceful vibes with family and the tribe (community)

Prosperity is depicted by the number of increasing dots in the Rangoli designs.

The green leaves are blessings of nature and abundance❤️🎁

This painting is an energy work in its own! 

Created with pure intention, and clear purpose❤️🎁

I’m sure Dadu will love it❤️🎁

A guest post: Father ❤️

Here’s the first of many guest posts by my cousin bro, Gautam Basrur❤️🎁here it goes:

They say “God could not be everywhere @ the same time so he made mothers.”
When we dwell in that wonderful thought, we forget that there is a guy outside, who is battling the storms of different sorts in the world. Not only he does that with valor, but he makes sure he provides his child with not only the very blanket of warmth but also a secured future. 

We like to see more of love around us, bestow us with it as much as we can. No one wants to think about the hardships in life. 
A son’s first superhero, a woman’s first love & a person who strives hard to make a mark for himself and also for his family – A Father is as important as much as a mother. 

Underrated GRATITUDE, our key to abundance❤️🎁

Wanna catch a glimpse of abundance? Go to the beach, and into shallow, ankle deep waters. Now look at the sea!

That is abundance ❤️

Irrespective of how deep you’re into the waters, you will get overwhelmed at the endless quantity out there❤️🎁

Yep! That’s abundance..

And you’re born into it❤️🎁

No choice to any life (human, worm,bird, beast) whatsoever! Whether or not they wanna experience it, they just got to…. cuz life is abundance..

We humans tune ourselves out of it, by under rating all the joys we already have, that spins us off into a cycle of lack.

Take time today to offer gratitude for the food in your plate, the great and secure sleep you are blessed with, good water to drink, a beautiful family to take care of you, a space you call home, hugs and kisses full of love, nature and its bounty around, …

Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens ..❤️🎁 that’s probably how this song got written, overflowing with gratitude..

Check it out as you make your gratitude list ❤️My favorite things❤️ 

Climbing the Chair


Life With Luna

Luna nails in my best chair and me, egging her on to get her nails out of the fabric. It wasn’t happening, even with her trying, desperately, to get her nails un-stuck. Uh uh, no way Jose. With each foot released from the fabric, the other one would get stuck just a little higher.  So in order for one foot to be released, the other one had to be higher, she was starting to go up on tippy-toes. Her feet kept going higher and at one point she made the decision… “if I can’t get loose and keep my back feet on the floor, there’s only one way to do it. Climbing is the onlyoption!” And just like that, the back feet dug into the chair and she began climbing. Foot by foot  (hers) once she got to the top, all nails released and end of story.

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Just met the best ‘MOMMY AHA’ moment of my life

Come what may, I feel like I’m worlds best n most beautiful mom❤️🎁 with a child as best n beautiful as Ekaansh, one doesn’t have any choice left. Actually each one of us has these choices.

Reasons why I know I’m the best MOMMY EVER❤️😍

– my son exactly knows when he needs hugs

– my son knows exactly how to get hugs when he needs them😍

– my son knows exactly whom he would love to give hugs (WOW)

– my son knows deep down, that it’s okay for him not to give hugs n kisses to everyone who asks for them

– my son takes pride of the fact that he is ‘thoughtful, compassionate, sharing, helping, peaceful, independent, intelligent, sweet,cute and handsome’ even though he doesn’t know yet what these words mean❤️😍 it’s okay if I told him all those cuz he really is..

– my son knows that he hits out at others only when he is hungry, cranky, tired or sleepy! And that’s okay cuz he is expressing himself 

– my son knows to express every emotion in screams and shouts, yet he is learning well how to use words to convey what he really needs

– my son expresses his love for leaves, flowers and cats, parrots by giving them a kiss❤️🎁

– my son loves to laugh and loves sharing his stuff with people his size 😍

– my son easily forgives me when I lovingly say sorry for being angry / yelling at him on ‘my bad days’

– my son is the most beautiful baby n the best gift in the whole wide world and he knows it and says it❤️🎁

– my son doesn’t mind ‘not yet being willing to use the potty’ even at age 2 years😂

– my son exactly expresses his likes and dislikes for food, and I trust that he knows his body well (just as we know ours)

– my son takes responsibility for the stuff (good or bad – he doesn’t know the label yet) he does and smiles away

– my son has the most beautiful heart ever❤️🎁 cuz he brings tears to my eyes almost daily

– my son is topmost on my gratitude list cuz manifesting him into my life has been challenging yet so fruitful 

– my son is my teacher and Il always be grateful for his presence in my life, even when I’m tired of taking care of him and needing a break..

The list can go on..

Yet this is how I feel! 

And I know I can claim to be the best mom, only cuz of my son today!!!

He is the best baby❤️🎁

And I know he will grow to be a more n more beautiful being with every passing minute!