The Richness called LIFE❤️

There’s absolute richness …
in words of appreciation, that flow from the heart..
in hugs and cuddles, and kisses that come unasked..

There’s something priceless…
in the chirping of birds, especially when they’re 
reflecting your joy, thru their voice..

There’s an unlimited worthiness..
in HAVING ‘the’ thing that a person wants..N yet the worth grows 
in the GIVING away of it..n in the person WANTING to take it from YOU!!!!!

There’s an unmeasurable joy…
in the countless, tiny serendipitys, that are orchestrated specially for ME❤️
Especially when they’re disguised..n I recognize them…

There’s an unquantifiable value I feel inside..
that makes me feel INFINITE… when I paint, also when I hug a tree..
These emotions make the oceans feel smaller n the galaxy a tad bit tinier..

There’s an overflow of abundance..
In that moment, when you find the perfect tree to hold, a blossom to wear,
n a person to click it, n the capture turning out magnificent❤️

I feel like the richest woman alive,
When my son wipes my tears ….even the ones that roll out of pure joy

I feel whole and abundant…
When someone receives my gift..wholeheartedly n sees the value in it that I created..

I feel unmeasurable JOY..
When I feel beautiful in this body, irrespective of how it appears 

I feel worthwhile..
When I’m able to see others from a space of love rather than judgment..

I feel whole and un describable emotion..
When I’m in nature..the expression of which puts words to shame..

It’s a shame, we feel empty inside..
when there is so much joy meant for us to grab..

It’s unfortunate, we equate ourselves with tiny rectangles of paper, 
that change value with time…

Is life really so cheap, that we trade it for the tangibles??

Is life so complex, that we kill the experience cuz the outcomes seem unwanted??

I choose n desire to feel this joy, n simplicity,
Every waking day!! 

Feeling the joy that it takes to write this post, is what makes my life much richer ..

PS: My first canvas, (technically Second, cuz I made the first one for myself) found itself a happy owner!! N yes, it moved me and the one who received it beyond words..


Energy Art???? Decoding the painting Created for Ekaansh❤️

1. The art that’s created with a beautiful, pure intention most likely with a person in mind!! when I’ve created art without anyone in mind, I’ve found that the art finds itself it’s owner❤️

That’s how powerful the intention is❤️ 

2. Also, the art is created over days, with multiple layers using colors that are dominant for the person for whom the art is created! If it’s a family, the art is created using colors of every person in the family..

Colors of a person???? 

I love people! I love studying their personalities, and spending a lil time with someone, gets you prepared to know their dominant colors .. How????

If you ask me my fav color, it’s green!! Why cuz I love nature, I love greenery but there’s a deeper reason than that to it!! Something that I know now thanks to my love for personality study n behavior observation..

I am intrigued by people! I am a trainer, and I love tuning into people’s energies!! My heart chakra is open n when I visualize it, it covers almost half the planet (that’s a hyperbole hehe,but you get it, right?)! Any guesses what’s the color of the heart chakra??? yep GREEN ❤️

Logical people who are thinkers need Indigo to balance for creativity!!

Spontaneous people who hate routines need Red to balance for stability!!!

So in short, Energy art is creating an intention, a pure beautiful love infused intention, and then letting it flow, through your fingers, brushes whatever!!

3. What you see in the painting isn’t the art!!! What you’re unable to see, is the art!!

There are so many layers in the painting, that if I click pictures of each layer you would know the intention and layering!! So why don’t I click then???

Cuz it’s not to show you, it’s for the painting to have!!

Everything need not be said out loud!! It’s expressed in the painting n that’s the crucial point!!

This painting had a lot of Yellow n Orange in the first layer!! The kite was in pink n yellow n orange!!

Then why did I paint it red???

The red is an energy imprint of the flower!! It’s so strong that it covers up the sun!! So my next layer had an invisible sun on the top right, in a red n green painting!!

It was fabulous ❤️

Why didn’t I leave it at that???

Cuz the energy imprint of the flower doesn’t intend to compete with the sun!! Yet it’s so powerful that it can dull it..yet they do co -exist!!

The dark green n the tall light green strokes are energy imprints of the thin grass blades ❤️

And this art work I’ve created with lotsa love for my son!! I know he sees the sunshine inside him!! Yet this art work will hold the intention for him❤️😍

The kite is the personification of the flight when one gets to know that the true sunshine is inside them🎁

N only the knowing is enough to make us fly high in life!!

Colors used: Yellow, Green, Red, Indigo!!

Yellow is his strength n hence its okay if it’s in the back layers!!

Red n Green are what he needs to add balance ,hence you see them!! They are out there,out loud!!

The Indigo is the dash of creativity that adds magic n opportunity for flights❤️

4. The art when placed in his room, will work magic for him, even if it’s hidden…if it’s displayed, even better!!

The art is holding the space for a unique intention expressed by his mom for him! It would be creating the energy n holding it for him❤️

5. Energy art, works best if framed, and the glass surface is cleaned regularly!! 

And it’s best to create the art, keeping in mind the room where it would be placed n the people for whom it’s being created.

Not advisable to gift this art to people unless the art piece has been created specifically for their home,with an intention of serving them  :-) 

Hence, you wouldn’t find me selling this art to random people!!

If I’ve gifted any art piece to you, know for sure the art was created for you, intentionally n purposefully❤️🎁

Lotsa love!!


Wanna Paint for your home???

If any one of you wanna PAINT a Painting for your home YOURSELF – this post is for you!!

And it’s not just any painting!! It is Energy Art!!

Which means, you and your family can create a painting for your home, with a pure intention and an energy that’s specific to all of you!!!

What does that even mean???

In short, you will be painting something unique, that holds good for your home and your family!!

No imitation of art, no copy paste!!

The painting is about you, and whoever wants to create it!!

Ive realized Painting is a beautiful, most open way of expressing oneself where even words aren’t needed!! This practice definitely is a boost to our Throat chakra, which dominates the function of Communication in our life.

It acts as a ‘Mind Opener’ for people who are logic oriented!! Creative gifts would start opening up for all those who have found that they lack creativity (so far)!
It’s a fun process that would be transformational in magical ways!! It may appear like we’re getting our hands dirty in paints, yet it would open for us areas that we are blocked about

So what do you have to do??

Nothing!! Other than pinging me🙂

I’d take care of the paints, the canvas and other painting gear ….or if you’d like to do it, that’s great too!

All we need is a place (if the painting is for your home, it’s a great idea to paint it there itself) and enthusiasm on your part!!

I’d love to assist you, in creating the master piece that’s all about you and your home ..

Are you ready????

If yes, ping me!!

I’d love to assist!!!

Today is just not that day…

My first ever write ❤️🎁
Written in 2007.. 9 years back..


My first poem- written on 23rd December 2007

Today is just not that day…

The dark and the ugly,

The charming and the bubbly,

The quiet and the junglee,

Where do they come from?

The gifted and the jinxed,

The lonely ones in the mix,

The dull and the eccentric,

Where do they go?

A spiral or a circle,

Or a never ending line.

Who cares, be it whatever

The Ruler, eternal, is time.

So many bends and Oh! Many roads!

Roaming are we, haplessly in ignorance, who knows

When did we start? Where did we go?

Did we ever stop? We are how old?

Dusty and rusted, sunken heavy souls,

Dying to fly free, excited to unfold,

what ’s grander than any  imagination

The unseen colors, the experience untold.

Where do I stand? Or do I toddle?

I wanna know

How long and how far

Will I have to…

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The Million $ question!!!

It’s weird how I’ve been struggling to find answers all my life! I’d heard in the most awesome voice of Esther Hicks that every rocket of desire that is launched in our hearts, is fulfilled! We just got to allow it ..

Few months back, I fulfilled a strong desire of painting on one of the walls in my room (a small part of it). I’ve had this desire all throughout my pregnancy, of painting on one of my walls. I originally fancied painting some nice cartoon on it, yet when it came to doing it (by the time that my son was 2 plus years old) I just painted an expression of all that I chose in my life. I expressed myself with words like JOY! THRILL! FUN! TRUST❤️🎁

Expressing this desire of having fun, thrill,joy and the trust that I’m safe n perfect was like unlocking something big!!

I simply followed my joy, and the trip to Bali came along! Opportunities for trusting that I’m safe wherever I am! N then there was a desire of a painting, for my home!! I’d created energy doodles for so many others, that I felt the time to create something specific for me! For my home..

N that was my first canvas ever!! It was simple yet magical!! It was an expression, my attempt at expressing my desires yet not in words this time.. N I loved it..n I loved creating it..

I didnt know, a simple step like acting on something that’s been on your wish list for a looooong time could open so many doors for me!

I’ve been struggling with this question, ‘what is my purpose in this life?’ N it seemed like it was answered in Bali, I desired to conduct Training Programs, and address the beautiful people of this world..

I love the energy of a crowd, an unknown huge crowd!! I love to hold their pulse, n use my voice to mould their beliefs! Help them rubbish out,every belief that has failed to serve them n support them in being MINDFUL❤️ mindful enough to choose only those beliefs that serve them..

And then, there is the flight of a bird!! I feel like I’m flying, when each of these beautiful people, choose a higher vibration..

They choose themselves, they choose their joys, they choose their prosperity, they choose their beauty, their career..

And I feel the same way, when I Paint❤️🎁

I feel that joy!! I’ve never felt so much joy….other than when I’m in nature looking at mountains n flowers n water falls, other than when I’m playing with my son when he is in his bath tub, blowing bubbles with him, other than meditating at midnight in the healing swimming pool watching the stars n feeling the stillness..other than making incredible friendships with people who are so different than you, yet feeling that connection..other than when I’m in a new, unknown location, totally trusting my safety!!

Yeah painting equals all of that joy!! The joy of dipping my hands into paint, and using them (left n right both hands alike) on the feels liberating!!

N I’m not sure if I’ve ever felt this way about any other assignment (other than the ones in which I address a huge unknown crowd) …its way too liberating!!!

The people who know me well, know that I feel the excitement far too soon for anything new that gets my attention..yet there is something totally ‘NON judgmental’ about art..

It’s a relationship between you n your art work!! Where it allows you to express yourselves the way you choose. And however it is perceived by the world, it will always be perfect. You choose when to move on to another work!! It totally lets you choose. I get to decide if it’s a work in progress or it’s finished!!

It looks very beautiful for the eyes of the world, yet I get to spoil it, experiment with it, layer it, n it finishes only when I feel so! It may not even look half of the beauty it was when it was still incomplete… Yet it’s perfect!!

It’s like the people in our lives! We may assume they will stay the way they were when we first time met them..

Yet, that’s not true! Yet totally perfect ❤️😍

You got to SEEE the perfection!! In the bad timing, the changes over time..

In everything!!

N with your art, you get to give it the value! 

The roots have won all the leaves (already)❤️

Art is generally my  go to, for when I feel lost!

When ‘I don’t know why I’m feeling low, crappy mood’ n in general, gratitude is out the window- this is what I do!!

Roots ( in this case drawing n painting them) are a great way to strengthen our Root Chakra!! I’ve selected the red color here as it’s the color of our root chakra. This chakra signifies our connection with the earth!!

Hence, when I feel lost, strengthening the root chakra helps me feel connected with the earth! It’s as if, in the ‘feeling lost’ness also, I’m contributing to the energy of this planet.

There is a reason why I’m here!

I chose the light pink paper to work on, out of a spontaneous choice. One may go in for any colored paper n absolutely any color sketch pens ( I use fine tip pens by Staedler)

Divided every branch of every root into four parts, as I envisioned using yellow n orange inside the roots.

Yellow is the color of our Solar Plexus chakra! The one that signifies our self esteem n confidence! These moments, when my mood is low for no particular reason, my self confidence is at its lowest! Hence, using the color yellow is uplifting!! 

Orange is the color of our Sacral chakra! The one which signifies stuff to do with our gender identity. It’s a lot more than that, yet for me, the block often shows up with my identity crisis with the roles pushed upon the fairer sex..

Leaves on roots???

I’d say that is the reality!! When the roots grow, their ultimate reality is in the leaves n the fruit!! Hence, for a dreamer like me, the roots have already won the leaves❤️

The heart chakra is my strongest one, hence I love using a lot of green in my art!! green is the color of our heart chakra❤️

Finishing this piece took about 90 mins total in two stretches!! And like the roots had already won the leaves, just the pure intention of helping myself in the ‘low’ got me out of it!!

A mood makeover thanks to energy art❤️😍

By the way, this same day, (that started on a depressing note) held in it, the joy of meditation in water, awesome dinner with family, enjoying my fav movie with my hubby with the ‘marvelous creation’ Cadbury bar that kept popping in my mouth even after the chocolate in my mouth had melted….
N this post❤️🎁

It’s all in the intentions baby❤️😍

Roller coaster

The ups and downs of a super emotional person are invisible to the logical eye!

Can be felt only by the sensitive..

There’s no reasoning behind why the feelings, how they feel.

Deep, cranky, ruffled, lonely, senseless, lost, low, ……

Seems like a list of words.

To the person feeling them, seems like being in a new country without a map..

Yet, to be able to hold onto the last straw n keep going, knowing, just like the downs there will be ups 

That is the game changer❤️🎁

To the savior game changers..