How bad the bad? Or how good the good???

There are times when we’re pushing ourselves really hard.. so hard that we often fall flat on our faces..

Really!! Have you experienced getting hurt physically, when ure pushing yourself too hard, feeling horrible yet forcing yourself to push that deadline/ goal/ whatever it is??

Infact, I’ve realised n noticed this so much that now when I hurt myself (hit my head against that door/ hit my knee on my studio desk/ hurt my finger) I know I’m doing something that’s not meant to be done..

We feel like who will do this if not for me? N we’re wrong!!

We are here to experience our power n that power is in full throttle when we’re feeling good .. creating more n more of stuff for us to feel good♥️

btw’s also in full throttle when we’re feeling horrible,n this time creating more of stuff that makes us feel horrible.. n hence ouch!!! That hurts ..

If we wanna feel good,we can either do stuff that makes us feel good, or start feeling good about whatever we do!!

Whatever comes easy!! N then things start getting done by the power of alignment!!

Focus on stuff that You’ve  always desired to experience n see it falling in front of you, as if it was here only for you to experience..

These are kind lessons I’ve learnt listening to AH!!

N they mean the world to me! Life falls in place n this lesson makes the most meaning..

Create a life of your choice, experience your expansion n enjoy the journey..

The fun journey called life🎁♥️

The life inside our life…

There are times you want the movie you’re watching, to end in a different way, just so that you could call it a happy ending..

And there are these movies that will not choose a happy ending..

I’ve watched two such movies lately, n enjoyed them.. Felt the characters, and tried vaguely to understand why they made those choices..

As a bystander, choosing the happy ending comes so easy!! But when it’s time we make those choices in real life, it’s quite tough..

N hence these characters make sense, n the absence of the ‘fairy tale ending’ seems perfect!!

Yet, it needn’t be this way! 

I’ve always loved watching movies, n perhaps some day if I have the will to pursue the desire, would love to write one..

Movies have the potential to take you to the depths of your soul, through another’s shoes..

Watching this movie ‘Me before You’ was exceptionally purposeful last night.

I felt grateful for all the life inside my life. Could feel the character regretting the absence of life, even though he was alive. Life was, for him, being able to do stuff that he used to do..n so the absence of the ability felt like the lack of life..

We have our lives soaking n drenching with abilities, n yet we take them for granted..which isn’t uncommon..n a movie like this one jolts us back to realize the joy in being able to move our bodies in the way we do now..

It’s a must watch for sure!! 

Me Before You!!

Offering gratitude for being able to move my fingers on the iPad to write this one..

Signing off..


Solo adventures

Sipping tea at 2 pm, with my lovely companions.. Netflix and the ear plugs..
We do make a great combo..especially if the movie in spotlight is worth the watch..

These nights when half the world is asleep, I know ..only the creatives are out there.. Their internal light bulbs glowing to the max, I offer gratitude for all of those who’ve chosen the deeper, untreaded paths..

There is way too much satisfaction out here! In the deep recesses of our soul, where unlimited treasures hide..

And the guys who write books, plays, movies, ….or just about anything… To them it’s pouring their hearts out..leaving their soul out in the open, at its vulnerable best..

Yet to the people reading it, it’s their entry into a new world!! A world they fear to experience cuz it’s way too cold to stay out’s way to uncertain..the roads are too rough.. N they’re probably not yet ready to ask the questions that need to be asked…n that’s perfect ❤️🎁

N I’m glad I’m on this side of the world thats sleeping as I awaken to the joys of being who I am!! 

I’m glad I’ve asked all the questions, even if they’re super tough.. N I’m glad to have realized there is no exam, n no right answers…

There is either regret or joy!!

Am glad I can say it’s JOY ive chosen…

N even when there is an absence of joy, I promise there is no space for regret to come in!!

It’s either a neutral space of questioning or a joyful space of answering..

N as lonely as the road appears, it definitely is worth the walk…

Cuz enjoying ones own company can be the best high!! I’ve never tried liquor or any kinda alcohol ever..

But I’m so sure, the high I feel …when I’m in this gratitude loaded space sitting smilingly with myself …can match nothing..

Cheers to solo adventures (even if they are tiny in size n rare in occurrence) 


A guest post by Rizwan! A fellow writer I met at the tut writers group…

Thank you Rizwan for letting me post this here..

Let’s re-think nature together.
See the sun that shines, the moon that shows, the stars that glow, the trees that grow, the stream that flows, the birds that fly, so high in the sky, the flowers that bloom, the forests that breathe, and the rain that falls on the mountains, hills, valleys and towns.

All of the nature is highly expressive, loud and vocal. All natural expressions are clear,so vivid, they’re felt and seen.

You hear it when it’s thunder storm, you feel it’s hot when it’s hot. You feel it when it’s cold. You see a tree so tall, standing firm, and you smell and feel the morning breeze. Those birds sing so sweet in the trees, you hear them? Every thing in nature expresses, tells out loud what it is. 

…And you, you’re one unique master piece, a work of art, capable of achieving what you can ever imagine. Human being! An unlimited growth capacity!

A tree is, but a tree. A flower is, but a flower. A bird is, but a bird. You can be what you want to be! That makes us humans unique. Isn’t that amazing? This screen that you’re reading my words on, once was an imagination, a dream. Look around please and see how much growth, development has happened, and imagine only a hundred years in the future, Whaao! Marvelous, isn’t it?

We’re the unlimited beings, always growing, inventing, exploring. Yeah, exploring, exploring too much may be that we have to take some time out to go back and see nature, exploring inward to rediscover our true-self, the ‘I’, the old cliche’ ‘ who am I? Where am I heading to, and why? What’s my expression? What do I want from myself? That expression! That call, the call from the soul that speaks so much louder than words.

Feel the difference!

A guest post by my cousin bro: Gautam Basrur..

The rule is simple – If we don’t make life to happen for you, it will happen to you. 

You do not need to be a best selling writer in order to have an authority to dictate enlightening messages to people. Each one of us goes through experiences in life which teach us something valuable in the most wonderful manner. 

The key is to listen to your heart and use your head to evaluate what is going on around you. 

At the end of the Mahabharat era, when the Pandavas embarked on their departure to the Himalayas, they asked Lord Krishna on how people would behave in the Kaliyuga. 

Lord Krishna told Yudhisthir to go and observe something strange in the forest, return and tell Lord Krishna about it 
So he went. He saw 5 wells next to each other. Out of them, the one in the middle was the deepest but it was empty while all other wells were all full. 

When asked to Lord Krishna about the strangeness, the Lord said – People always focus on filling up their own wells of life events of their own lives but they forget to give water to the deepest of them all – Humanity & Service to others ! 

Yes, we do live in a world where each person is to himself and people think twice before donating funds or are skeptical about service. But that must not discourage us to not to do anything. 

We can always do our part by not spitting or littering on the roads and also spreading the message of cleanliness. Social media is perhaps the best medium in which we can awaken those minds who hit rust after a lot of negative comments surrounding them. 

So let’s pledge to do 1 act of social service, in any which manner we can & see the difference or should I say – Feel the Difference ! 

Madness That Keeps Me Sane!

Madness that keeps me sane …

I feel so empty inside, that there’s nothing left to offer anyone..

I feel so empty that the gifts coming my way go unnoticed

I ramble in the ignorance 
n stumble over my arrogance

Wondering ….when will I feel better n this emptiness… why???

N then I see why!!

I see what let’s me write..
What helps me sing..
What moves me to dance..
N what makes me paint!!!

This emptiness has a way of moving through me..
Leading me to the whole..
Like the moon, 

N soon leaving me empty again..
Only to rejoice in the overflow..

N if I had a choice to choose differently..
I guess I’d always choose the same 

The madness keeps me sane after all..


How can I feel offended when I’ve embraced the darkness within?

The incompleteness is inside the onlooker, hence it jumps to the surface when u see this painting..

The art piece is more complete than I could ever be!

Scratching n scraping the dark stuff off, is too cumbersome.. n for what?

For the on lookers to appreciate the light??

When there’s darkness inside everyone of us, why should I bother??

It’s a part of me!! N it’s the society that says it’s dark..

To me it’s just black! A colour that has its own vibration.. a colour that describes the colour of my eyes, my hair, my kajal, my shoes, …..

I love it just as much as the pink!!

N when I appreciate it, the illusion falls off!!

There is no darkness..

The empty space I once felt inside me was just the space for infinite possibilities..

N the black lines here only contrast the pink more n more..

Plain n pink isn’t valued.. it’s when u make it stand against the black that u wanna choose it..

Is it the pink you’re choosing or the black you’re running away from??

Look deeply… at the core it’s all pink…

All pink!!